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• U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a court filing that the US and Canada have reached an agreement over the bitter charter flight dispute that could have caused major headaches for NHL teams this season. [Bloomberg]

• Very interesting move by Sidney Crosby(notes) today, addressing the NHLPA's firing of Paul Kelly and demanding answers. On the one hand, it appears he's just giving the demands of his agents an endorsement and a very wide audience. On the other, is this the first step in the Pittsburgh Penguins captain taking a more active role in the PA? [Globe & Mail]

• Whether he makes the cut or not, Theo Fleury(notes) had one hell of a moment last night for the Calgary Flames. It almost makes preseason hockey worth it. Almost. [Calgary Herald]

• Bad stuff: Sentencing is due today after a Quebec junior hockey player was "found guilty of assault with a weapon after cross-checking an opponent in the face." The judge said the law extends into the rink. [CP]

• Good stuff: A rink attendant helped save a 56-year-old player's life. [CBC Sports]

• Bob McKenzie believes it's Phil Kessel(notes) to the Toronto Maple Leafs rather than the Nashville Predators for one good reason: He still needs to sign with the team that deals for him, and he's rather be in T.O. [TSN]

• An interesting book excerpt about Kessel that shows what kind of locker room presense he has. [Hockey Or Die, a site you should have bookmarked]

• Sportsnet is live-streaming Dany Heatley's(notes) first media scrum today at 3:30 p.m. EST. If this is what happens for Heatley, we're pretty sure the Gretzky trade would have broken the Internet had it happened today. [Sportsnet]

• The Detroit Red Wings are rolling a line of Henrik Zetterberg(notes), Todd Bertuzzi(notes) and Dan Cleary. "Clettertuzzi." Callin' it. [Freep]

• Witness the glory of Washington Capitals goalie/Web dude Brett "Stretch" Leonhardt's new mask. [DC Sports Bog]

Phoenix Coyotes sorta owner Jerry Moyes is seeking an emergency mediation with the NHL in an attempt to sell the team to Jim Balsillie. The motion was filed in accordance with the little-known "Holy [expletive], my plan is going up in flames as fast as my money did" Desperation Clause in the Arizona bankruptcy code. [Toronto Star]

• Moyes also offered the Glendale City Council 20 reasons why Balsillie's bid for the team was better, none of which explicitly state how much he stands to recoup from Balsillie above and beyond the price of the team. [Glendale Star]

• The Minnesota Wild's ridiculous 365-game sellout streak, that spans the life of the franchise, is in jeopardy of being broken because of the craptastic economy. Sometimes we forget what an amazing NHL market they've got up there, but check this: "There are 7,000 people in the club's Warming House (a season-ticket waiting list that costs $100 per ticket)." Wow. [Star Tribune]

Brandon Dubinsky's(notes) asking price falls, but he and the New York Rangers remain apart on a new contract for the restricted free agent. This stalemate has really gone on longer than we expected. [NY Post]

• With Braydon Coburn(notes) and Kimmo Timmonen well-established as a duo for the Philadelphia Flyers, who will Chris Pronger(notes) play with? It's looking like Matt Carle(notes), who goes from being traded for Dan Boyle(notes) to lining up with Chris Pronger. Nutty. [Philly.com]

• Even with Dave Bolland(notes) and Marian Hossa(notes) out of the lineup, take a look at this collection of forwards and tell us that the Chicago Blackhawks aren't a legit Cup threat. They're stacked ... just not way in the back, which is the issue. [Between the Circles]

• Puck Buddy Slava passed this along earlier in the week, and Rock The Red reminded us of it. Meme over. Move along.

Colin Wilson(notes) has the three-point night for the Nashville Predators. We didn't hype him in the Preds preview, but should have; he could be a difference maker this season. [Predators]

• BD wonders if the New York Islanders have enough muscle after Phaneuf/Okposo. [Hockey Independent]

• Why David Staples will not be booing Mike Comrie(notes) in his debut for the Edmonton Oilers. And no, it's not because Hilary might personally swing a Prada bag at everyone in the arena that does. [Cult of Hockey]

• Notes from the ECHL Board of Governors Meeting. [ECHL]

• From the Dept. of Awful Sports Ledes: "If the NHL's preseason is an audition for the regular season, it looks like Mike Cammalleri can expect a call back." [Canadiens]

• Pierre McGuire talks about coaches who become broadcasters, and how his education in the media could one day lead to that elusive managerial job he's been after. [Sun Media]

• The Red Light District is doing a cool elimination countdown to its Stanley Cup prediction, with the final four down to the Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames. [RLD]

• Good stuff from Ryan Kennedy with Paul Stastny(notes) of the Colorado Avalanche, who sums up his team's mindset thusly: "We have a nothing-to-lose attitude." Well, save for the lottery. [THN]

• Speaking of The Hockey News, Dallas Stars fans are wondering how there are 20 centers in the NHL better than either Brad Richards(notes) or Mike Ribeiro(notes). [Andrew's Stars Page]

• OK, one more THN link: Editor in Chief Jason Kay picks the Capitals for the Cup, Crosby for the Hart and the Ville Leino(notes) for the Calder. [THN]

Vincent Lecavalier(notes) finds a rookie on his wing. [Joe Bolts Fan]

• Finally, we the fact that Olli Jokinen dropped the gloves would usually be enough to warrant inclusion as our crappy fight of the day. But last night was Toronto Maple Leafs sophomore Luke Schenn(notes) and Daniel Carcillo(notes). Truculence clearly intimidated DC, who dropped the glove -- not gloves.

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