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Andrew's Stars Page has been waiting all week for this ... and then their sarcasm meter went off. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008-09 Dallas Stars Ice Girls! How punk rock is it to have Planet Tan as a sponsor for the team and then drop an Irish chick in the front row?

• Terry Murray is "poised" and "close" to becoming the next head coach of the Los Angeles Kings. The Ottawa Citizen also believes that with this hiring, Bob Hartley will be on the short list to coach the New York Islanders.

• Japers' Rink saw the "Where have all the Dicks gone?" baseball post over on Bugs and Cranks today, and did a rather heroic and hilarious thing: Examining hockey's own Dick shortage. Turns out before he left for Sweden, Tarnstrom was the League's only Dick. If only Dick Park wasn't such a Richard snob. Same goes for you, Brad Dicks. [Japers' Rink]

• "Blake Comeau and Kyle Okposo were in full force at the West Bath House." Thank you, New York Islanders promotions department. [NY Islanders]

• The Buffalo Sabres season-ticket renewal rate is at 97 percent for 2008-09. That other three percent? Members of the Campbell family and people who can't stomach watching Ryan Miller in his last year before going to the Red Wings. [Buffalo Sabres]

• A rather heartwarming story about a Make-a-Wish child getting the chance to meet Ryan Getzlaf and skate with the Anaheim Ducks. [KOLN]

• Now we know why Sergei Fedorov decided to squeeze another year out of that body: He defaulted on a $2.25 million loan and owes a bank $2.1 million. Or as Ovechkin calls it, "goin' out money." [The World of Isaac]

• We don't care how much it helps them - the East Grand Rapids High School hockey team shouldn't be yapping about taking yoga classes. What would Reggie Dunlop say? [WZZM]

• The addition of Ryan Hollweg to the Toronto Maple Leafs' fourth line isn't exactly in keeping with the team's commitment to a youth movement, is it? [Sports and the City]

• My buddies over at the FanHouse break down Ted Nolan's split with the New York Islanders. Roundtable style. [FanHouse]

Georges Laraque will wear No. 17 for the Montreal Canadiens. Because he's a huuuuuge Keith Hernandez fan. Or because Alexei Kovalev is already No. 27. One of the two. [Montreal Canadiens]

• Alanah over on Canucks and Beyond brilliantly tracks down how a false rumor about Brendan Shanahan going to the Vancouver Canucks got started. Turns out it came from no less an authority than The Bleacher Report. [C&B]

• Finally, hockey historian Joe Pelletier has a great piece today just in time for the MLB All-Star Game on hockey players who played baseball, and vice versa. Tom Glavine and Kirk McCaskill were both drafted by the NHL.

And Pierre Turgeon competed in the 1982 Little League World Championships.

But did you know that Ken Daneyko was invited to Cincinnati Reds rookie camp?

Two glaring omissions: Eric Lindros, forever immortalized by the Score company on the card to the right; and Chris Simon, who swung and hit Hollweg's head for a ground-rule double.

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