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• The NY Post made a slight revision on its initial Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) reporting Monday, after first reporting that he was New Jersey Devils bound for seven years and $60 million. This is the before/after. [Twitpic; s/t Mirtle for noticing the difference]

• Did Atlanta get back in on Kovalchuk on Monday? [@TGfireandice]

• Whatever the final contract, Mike Chen isn't digging the financial objectives of Kamp Kovalchuk: "I think we all understand that these players are human, and they want to live at a certain comfort level for themselves and their families for all of the sacrifices they've made to get to this point. But there's a certain level when the money is all on paper and offers no real practical purpose other than to fulfill ego." [From The Rink]

• If you're not doing it already, please do follow the free-agent fun via the Yahoo! Sports UFA tracker.

• If the Detroit Red Wings are "selling it pretty hard" and Mike Modano(notes) still isn't buying yet, does that make you think retirement for Mo? [ESPN Dallas]

• No. 1 pick Taylor Hall signs with the Edmonton Oilers: "The base salary of that contract was $900,000 US per season, with enough performance bonus clauses to crank the deal to $3.75 million annually." [Edmonton Journal]

• If you've not seen it, really great work by Cap Geek getting the bonus penalties for teams on next year's cap. [Cap Geek]

• The top UFA bargains still on the table at center. Agreed on Eric Belanger(notes). But the only reason Mike Comrie's(notes) on this list is because he's a package deal with the eventual Mrs., right? [Hockey or Die]

• Officials in Sochi bury a gold puck in cement for good luck in 2014. From the great Daniel Tolensky: "Apparently Kovalchuk is now asking for that gold puck as part of his negotiations." [Russia Today]

• How the New York Islanders could have leveraged Ilya Kovalchuk into a spot inside the New (York) Nets Brooklyn arena. [Puck Update]

Arron Asham(notes) appears to be headed somewhere other than the Philadelphia Flyers this offseason. Good presence in the offensive zone, that one. [QMI]

• How bad does it look when a big-time free agent like Ray Whitney(notes) signs with a team owned by the NHL? [The Puck Stops Here]

• "General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have named T.D. Forss Head Athletic Therapist." We'll take ‘Guys who have their work cut out for them' for $200 please, Alex. [Oilers]

• Adam Proteau of The Hockey News takes on hockey clichés, including this gem: "‘In accordance with club policy, contract terms will not be disclosed.' Many of the NHL's franchises now have a 'club policy' allowing them to disclose dollar amounts, contract details and salary cap information - but just as many employ carrier pigeons, Pig Latin and encryption programs from the Pentagon to keep that info far away from the nosey-ass public." [THN

• Brandon Worley, back at his old stomping grounds at Defending Big D, takes a gander at the Dallas Stars' plans this offseason. [DBD]

• In praise of the work Ray Shero has done for the Pittsburgh Penguins this offseason, and rightfully so. [Post-Gazette]

• More Pundays with NHL.com. Love this bit. [The Royal Half]

• Will Stanley Cup and MJ keep LBJ in Cleveland? [Dangerous Hockey]

• The ambitious TSN/Globe & Mail "Why Not Canada?" project about the NHL's expansion/relocation of teams nord of da border and whether the markets can sustain them. We'll have more on the project soon, but this is a nice primer. Really interesting approach to it, journalistically. [Globe & Mail]

• Finally, remind us why we left ESPN again?

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