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Brendan Shanahan(notes) will be revealed by NHL Commission Gary Bettman as the League's "Vice President, Hockey and Business Development" on the commish's radio show today. As Dark Blue Jacket said on Twitter: "Sounds like 'VP: Not With The NHLPA.'" Bingo. [TSN]

Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonas Gustavsson(notes) is going to miss at least a week because he requires an ablation procedure to deal with an elevated heart rate. An anonymous doctor gives David Shoalts details on the situation, and they sound optimistic; even though, as a hockey fan, you can't help but be more than a little concerned for The Monster's long-term health. [Globe & Mail]

• Craig Custance on the Chicago Blackhawks' contracts for Jonathan Toews(notes), Patrick Kane(notes) and Duncan Keith(notes), and their implications. The Keith one is curious. More on that later. [Sporting News]

• Mike Liambas, banned for the year from the OHL, signs with the IHL Bloomington PrairieThunder. [OSC]

• Spector on Ilya Kovalchuk's(notes) contract talks: "For now, Waddell's comments punch holes in the theory Kovalchuk will soon sign a 13-year contract worth nearly $10 million per season, but it doesn't mean the Thrashers GM intends to move him for picks, young players and prospects." [THN]

• Did Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger(notes) commit mutiny against Mike Richards(notes)? [Puck Update]

• JP suggested Washington Capitals fans bring "Free Alex" signs to their game against the Florida Panthers; the Internet responded with over a half dozen variations on the theme available for printing. Great free pub for the Rink, an extended middle finger to the "man" ... but we can't figure out why Caps fans would be so upset over two games of forced injury rehab. [Japers' Rink]

Brooks Orpik(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins on the Ovi suspension: "To be honest, I thought he was getting suspended when he hit Kaleta from behind last week ... If you look at how he hits, it's all or nothing. He takes 10 strides before he hits guys." [Tribune Review]

• Caps GM George McPhee calls the two-game suspension "excessive" on Ovechkin, but that's usually what GM's are going to say in this spot. [Capitals Insider]

• The North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association is reviewing its procedures after a former coach was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. [CBC Sports]

• It's not so much that Vincent Lecavalier(notes) is having a bad season; it's that Jon Jordan wants to see him get his snarl on more often. [HockeyBuzz]

• Ross the Boss on the San Jose Sharks' mega-line's success. [Y! Sports]

• "A subjective look at 10 key moments in the Montreal Canadiens' 100-year history." We'll be taking one of our own later this afternoon, and unlike the Canadian Press our look back features "Unintentionally Hilarious Names" from each decade. Woot! [CP]

• Good stuff on Jimmy Howard(notes) of the Detroit Red Wings, and the changes he's made in his career to win a job on the big club this season. [Snapshots]

• Can Brad Richards(notes) crack the lineup for the Canadian Olympic team? [ESPN]

• St. Louis Game Time offers a twist on the "which players will make the Olympics" meme, including their endorsement of David Backes(notes) for bear wrestling. Which, to be fair, might just be a demonstration sport in 2010. [STL Game Time]

St. Louis Blues Coach Andy Murray relinquishes the coaching of the power play unit to his assistants after it regressed in quality this season. Considering that was one of this most prominent achievements as head coach ... a harbinger of bad things to come? [Dispatch]

• Damn, The Pensblog nailed this one. [Pensblog]

• Attention NHL: The Hartford Whalers did not relocate to the NFL. [Thanks to Puck Buddy Chris B.]

• Speaking of art projects, please to be checking out BD Gallof's awesome new Hollywood-themed Photoshop contest. We're in the final stages of creating the news Puck Daddy art contest that will be announced next week. Set Microsoft Paint buttons to "ready." [Hockey Independent]

• The Nashville Predators get close to renaming their arena "Nashville Arena," but title sponsor Sommet Group could be inching back into the picture. [On The Forecheck]

• Belak fights Boogaard. We all win. [Hockey Fights]

• New George Parros(notes) blog in which he writes about growing up in the Armpit of America. [LA Times]

• New Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) blog, talking about Sidney Crosby(notes): "Watching him play in the last several games, I can confirm that he will be ready for the Olympic adventure!!!" Three exclamation points? He must really mean it. Or else Matt Barnaby's Twitter account is ghostwriting these blogs ... [Pensburgh]

• Terry Murray on Anze Kopitar's(notes) goal-scoring drought. [LA Kings Insider]

Craig Rivet(notes) is working his way back from injury for the Buffalo Sabres. [Sabres]

• The Rangers hope Stephen Valliquette, who cleared waivers, can find his game in the AHL. [NorthJersey.com]

• Oh, hi there, Edmonton Oilers blogger David Staples. What's that you're slamming your hand down on over there? A big, red panic button, for your post "The Oilers need to blow up this team and trade for expiring contracts and draft picks"? [Cult of Hockey]

• Do be sure to check out "Forgotten Miracle," which chronicles the original U.S. "miracle on ice." [Forgotten Miracle]

• Really terrific, Keith Ballard(notes)-related post on whether the NHL is protecting its goalies enough. [Dog And Pony Show]

• Puck Stops Here with its latest Worst Player in the NHL selection: Andrew Peters(notes) of the New Jersey Devils. [TPSH]

• Finally, the Boston Bruins continue to be the Steppenwolf Theater Company of professional hockey, as Milan Lucic(notes) shows off his thespian skills in an AC/heating commercial that features a video game that could outsell Halo. [Hub Hockey]

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