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• So in what Twilight Zone hockey world is Marian Gaborik worth around $8.5 million per season, which would make him the fourth-highest paid player in the NHL? Because that's what the Minnesota Wild might have in mind. [Star Tribune]

• Meanwhile, Pierre-Marc Bouchard avoids arbitration with Wild. Commence spinning! [18,568 Reasons Why]

• "Dave Schultz" responds to this weekend's blockbuster post about "rooting for both teams." [I Mean, We Got Guys ...]

• Peter Chiarelli explains the Glen Murray buyout. And one of the reasons was that Murray "was squeezing the stick" last year. Hey, anything that gets you through the day, pal. [Bruins]

• Heritage Bank of Commerce says it may never be able to recover the $5.1 million it loaned William "Boots" Del Biaggio III, who now faces a new lawsuit that involves the words "ponzi scheme." Go Preds Go! [Mercury News]

• Speaking of the Nashville Predators, one Hockey News scribe believes that finishing 15th in the Western Conference isn't out of the question. [THN]

• The "Angry Hockey Dad" trying to get on with life after being found not guilty in a case where he was accused of attacking a 10-year-old boy after a hockey game. [Boston Globe]

• The Canadian media drops its pants and takes a dump on Carolina hockey again, saying Erik Cole was a "largely ignored athlete in a third-tier sport" with the Carolina Hurricanes before being traded to the Edmonton Oilers. Bubba is not amused. [Canes Country]

Alexei Zhitnik heads back to Russia ... on a tryout contract? [FanHouse]

• Finally, Matthew Barnaby as Barry Melrose's replacement on ESPN? You mean a fresh voice and face that hasn't been recycled through 25 different network contracts, potentially appearing on American television? What, did Darren Pang stop returning their calls? [Going Five Hole]

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