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Washington Capitals fans find another reason to gripe about the Heinz Field Winter Classic branding: The Washington Capitals store is selling this black and gold WC Terrible Towel. From On Frozen Blog: "Let's hope the NHL recategorizes the Terrible Towel as a Pittsburgh, not Washington, Winter Classic item, eh? After all, it says 'A Pittsburgh Original' right there on the rag towel." [OFB]

• Thursday on Puck Daddy: Our annual "what we're thankful for in hockey" series, featuring your Yahoo! Sports favorites and other bloggin' buddies.

Antti Niemi(notes) will face the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night for the San Jose Sharks. AWESOME. [Working The Corners]

• Details emerge from the Chicago Blackhawks fun in Las Vegas! From Norm!: "The final tab remains a mystery for the Chicago Blackhawks' epic party at Lavo (Palazzo) on Sunday. So too, for now, is the identity of the 'Hawk rookie who spent the night in an awesome replica of the 'Iron Man' suit of armor. But this much is known: it was a bubblicious night of such magnitude that the 11 a.m. workout at the Fiesta was canceled. Blackhawks down! And that 6-liter bottle of champagne they ordered goes for $35,000." The Blackhawks, by the way, have three rookies on their team: Bryan Bickell(notes), Jake Dowell(notes) and Corey Crawford(notes). Any guesses? [Las Vegas Review Journal]

• UniWatch has exclusive details on the new All-Star game duds. We'll have more on this Wednesday. [UniWatch]

Colorado Avalanche coach Joe Sacco on his team: "We don't want to be on the brake lights. We want to be in front." Fine, but please stay out of the left lane. [Denver Post]

• Larry Brooks on the Brad Richards(notes) trade derby and the New York Rangers: "The Post has learned, however, that Sather has no intention of offering the financially distressed Stars that absurd combination of young guns, or indeed any permutation of emerging Bluebloods to fill the need for an upper-echelon playmaker to skate with Marian Gaborik(notes), though the absence of such a pivot wouldn't seem to have had anything to do with No. 10's puzzling disappearing act against the Flames in Monday's rollicking 2-1 victory at the Garden." [NY Post]

• Backyard Hockey is hosting "Hockey In The USA -- Part 1" for your viewing pleasure. Do check it out. [BYH]

• "Oh, it was just your normal night at the barn, honey. Some beer, a few dogs, three periods of great St. Louis Blues hockey, my flu shot ..." [Blues]

• Former NHL great Steve Larmer hates your freedom. [Canada.com]

• Ryan Classic is keeping a list of all the NHL defensemen that have more points than Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) this season. It's now up 28 (!). [Ryan Classic]

• Buffalo News reporter John Vogl embarrassed himself with a screed against Twitter on Tuesday, and Dave Davis has a good review of the matter: "There is an interesting irony in all of this.  Thanks to the slow lingering death of the printed word, reporters who despise the barrier-free world of instant information, complete with its giant melting pot of respected credible sources and spellcheck-challenged driveling wannabees, eventually will have no choice but to meld into it." [Kuklas]

• Nice piece on Jonathan Bernier(notes) playing his first game at "home" against the Montreal Canadiens. [NHL.com]

• The Canes snag Ryan Carter(notes) from the Anaheim Ducks. [Y!]

Henrik Lundqvist(notes) between the pipes for the New York Rangers, and Dan Girardi(notes) and Marc Staal(notes) on shutdown 'D' against Stamkos and the Bolts. [NYDN]

• Good look at the first 20 games of the Renney Edmonton Oilers vs. the first 20 games of the Quinn Oilers. [Copper and Blue]

• Let Alex Ovechkin(notes) be Alex Ovechkin or pull on the reins? From HOTH: "So Ovechkin is not trying to call the shots in terms of how the Capitals are run and that's good for both him and the Washington franchise.  However, blatantly ignoring his coach's wishes and behaving in a manner that upsets Boudreau could be taking Ovi down a negative, Jagr-like path." [Houses Of The Hockey]

Semyon Varlamov(notes) is expected to start for the Caps against Justin Peters(notes) of the Carolina Hurricanes, as Cam Ward(notes) is away following the birth of his son Wednesday morning. [Capitals Insider]

• The top 10 KHL scorers who used to be NHL scorers. What, no Jagr? [THN]

• Finally, the Habs talking Justin Bieber video is full of win, especially Jeff Halpern(notes). Via Sportress of Blogitude:

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