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• Eric McErlain speaks with Cristobal Huet's agent, who reports that talks between the UFA goalie and the Washington Capitals are "productive and well intentioned." Which sounds a lot better than "ominous and awkward." You know who's rooting the hardest for Huet to re-sign with Washington? Dan Ellis's wallet. [FanHouse]

• Celebrating the return of broadcaster Pat Foley to the Chicago Blackhawks with a few of his most memorable calls. Chicago fans have been blessed with some rather tremendous announcers, haven't they? Well, save for Chip Carey. [Melt Your Face Off]

• We may have found the culprit for that Alexei Gusarov voting irregularity on ESPN's Hockey Hall of Fame poll. [Jibblescribbits]

• We're sure there's more to this story than currently meets the eye, but the hallucinogenic drugs must be plentiful and concentrated at the Associated Press if they expect bloggers to pay a fee for a five-word excerpt. [Kuklas Korner]

• The Beer Belly Cooler could revolutionize the way we sneak cheap suds into NHL arenas. [Cooler Fun]

• Blake Wheeler danced with several teams, but he's going home with the Boston Bruins. [Boston Globe]

• Glenn Healy leaves TSN to join the NHLPA as director of player affairs. Obviously, the director of pointless commentary position was already filled. [NHL.com]

• Well, it had to happen sometime: Someone finally found a way to blame Americans for "Hockey Night in Canada" losing its theme song. [The Legion of Decency]

• Finally, "Hockey Monkey" by The Zambonis falls just short of The Top Five Greatest Sports Songs of All Time Ever as of Right Now. And yet "Glory Days" makes it. Sheesh. [Sporting News]

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