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• This is a website of Olli Jokinen dancing. We find it hypnotic. We're also worried that, just like in "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," prolonged exposure to this music and visual could kill you. [Stick-tap to Jebus of Chicago]

Kyle Wellwood(notes) is ... not fat? Wellwood to Working The Corners: "When I came to Vancouver, I came off waivers from Toronto and I had three groin surgeries and I had a broken leg over the summer. ... When I got to camp, I wasn't in good enough shape or like the rest of the guys. That was something I fixed and now I've been in great shape. I've been under 180 pounds so it's kind of a running joke - you still get the fat jokes when you're one of the lightest people in hockey. You just laugh and shake your head." [Working The Corners]

• Breaking down the NHL skills competitions for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. We giggled at "BlackBerry NHL Breakaway Challenge," if only because it made us think of Judge Redfield T. Baum holding a scorecard and the Coyotes' lease. [NHL]

Jack Skille(notes) and Jake Dowell(notes) are brave men: Admitted Green Bay Packers fans on the Chicago Blackhawks with the Bears and Pack ready to rumble. Skille: "I know the politically correct thing to say for me is 'Go Bears' ... But you know what, I'm a cheesehead at heart. Go Packers. For sure. I might roll in here with a cheesehead. We'll see what happens. We'll see if one of my relatives can send one down." [Tribune]

Danny Briere(notes) talks about going from All-Star Game snub to Iginla's replacement. [CSN Philly]

• Congrats to Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie(notes), as there's a Duffrie baby on the way. No word how this affects his shooting percentage for the season. [Star Magazine] UPDATE: We take it all back.

• The Pittsburgh Penguins will be without both Sidney Crosby(notes) and Evgeni Malkin(notes) when the team faces the New Jersey Devils on Thursday. [NHL.com]

• The NHL could put together a pretty good playground hoops team with the collection of tall goalies in the League now. OK, besides the fact that most of the them are foreign. And all of them are white. [THN]

• Don Cherry gets revved up on concussions: "If you got your head down, you're stupid enough, you'll get it. .. But the blindside, when you don't have a chance, like Crosby didn't have a chance, (Marc) Savard didn't have a chance, when you blindside a guy, that's the guys they should really rap because they're cheap shots. In the old days you would never do that because if you did that in the old days, blindsided a guy, you knew you were going to pay the price and somebody was going to get you. Not now. How can you with the instigator rule? It's vigilante, yeah. But we never had cheap shots like that to the head before." [CP]

• Our favorite post of the day: CLIB542 presents the NHL Guardians Project on a budget. Dudley Do Right for the Ottawa Senators is pretty inspired. [CLIB542]

Edmonton Oilers Coach Tom Renney last night, on Ales Hemsky's(notes) concussion entering the game: "He's had some symptoms before this game and the doctor looked at him and I don't know what conclusion they've drawn." [Edmonton Journal]

• No Drew Stafford(notes) at practice for the Buffalo Sabres, as he's out with a groin injury. Yes, we know: Injured Sabre, water wet, cats and dogs have mutual animosity. [Buffalo News]

• He's been pulled in two of his last three starts, but Miikka Kiprusoff(notes) will be between the pipes against Niklas Backstrom(notes) and the Minnesota Wild. [Flames Insider]

Kyle Okposo(notes) is back for the New York Islanders, ready to make his season debut on Thursday. [Isles]

• Coolness from The 700 Level: 11 members of Jody Shelley's(notes) family watched his Philadelphia Flyers take on the Washington Capitals. Which means they also watched him fight, and there's video of the family's reactions. [700 Level]

• What Ted Leonsis can learn from Vince Lombardi. [SI]

• Damien Cox is about to make the leap to TSN. [Globe & Mail]

• Injuries forced Zach Bogosian(notes) to practice as a forward yesterday, and there's a chance he could play there when the Atlanta Thrashers face the Lightning on Thursday. The Byfuglien Effect! [AJC]

• Aaron Portzline of Puck-Rakers: "If Washington's Alex Ovechkin(notes) goes on with his funk (relatively speaking) for a few more months, this Stamkos kid might surpass him and join Pittsburgh center Sidney Crosby in the ‘best player in the game' argument. Not yet, but getting close." [Puck-Rakers]

Sergei Shirokov(notes), livin' the dream. [The Canuck Way]

• Finally, funny bit from last night's Habs game, as Carey Price(notes) and PK Subban(notes) share a moment during play:

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