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• Do not adjust your monitor: This is a scene from the 2010 European Trophy Ice Hockey match between HIFK and Adler Mannheim in which the air conditioner malfunctioned and the game was played in an eerie mist. This is also what it used to look like'after the second period in most NHL arenas before the smoking bans. Ah, the good ‘ol da--COUGH COUGH COUGH. [Y!]

• Jeffler has a little fun with the rumor-mongering on social media. For the record, Kaberle isn't going to the Coyotes. [Leafs HQ]

• Death to the Trapezoid Update: Ken Campbell of The Hockey News pens a piece that supports that abolishment of that goalie-restricting box in back of the goal. "Well, we've had five full seasons with the trapezoid and while it might have been a concern in the pre-lockout NHL, the game has changed so much and the flow of play has so greatly improved that the league could easily abolish the trapezoid and allow goalies to play the puck with impunity without compromising offensive chances." [THN]

• What's this about Peter Forsberg(notes) and injuries? Here we thought he was the Cal Ripken of hockey ... anyhoo, he might finally be at the end of the line. [TSN]

• Where is Lukas Krajicek(notes) looking to play next season? "I'm negotiating with several teams. Of course we're mostly talking about money. Phoenix, Anaheim and Carolina in particular." [Broad Street Hockey]

• Spector on why Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle(notes) didn't move last night. And no, not because he was glued to the television watching "Next Food Network Star" like the rest of us. [THN]

• Great piece by Larry Brooks on the NHLPA this weekend, including how the NHLPA turned to lawyer John McCambridge in the Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) negotiation ... who was trounced by NHL lawyer Bob Batterman, who also bested McCambridge during the lockout when they dueled at the bargaining table. Consider that: Bob Batterman, who negotiated for the salary cap with the NHL, wins a case against cap circumvention loophole. It's like a do-over. [NY Post]

• Based on the criteria, we have no idea how the list was conceived or complied, but here are the Top 10 NHL Lines. In his world, the ZZ Pops line for the New Jersey Devils ranks among those like the KLM Line and The Punch Line. Wow. [THW]

• NHL Network will have a nightly show during research and development camp this week to cover what rules changes might be coming to the NHL. Good stuff. [NHL.com]

• After Jerry D'Amigo and Jarred Tinordi leave the NCAA for potential NHL spots, an examination of the "pros vs. college" battle that U.S. college hockey is losing. [Slam]

• What's taking so long with the Devils and the Kovalchuk renegotiation? "If Bettman won't allow anything that takes Kovalchuk over 40 (i.e. 13 year term), Kovalchuk is all but required to take less to get a deal done. Even IK taking $90MM total means LL has to be willing to go up to $7MM cap hit, which is by no means something we can count on." [Jewels From The Crown]

• As the team has dramatically changed in the last few seasons, who is "the face" of the Dallas Stars going forward? [Defending Big D]

• It's Carey Price's(notes) birthday. Smoke'em if ya got'em. [Habs]

• Cute "by the numbers" thing the Buffalo Sabres are doing on their Web site, with Patrick Kaleta(notes) getting the treatment. But honestly, how do you quantify awesome? [Sabres]

• Another edition of Mike Chen's "weird hockey stuff on eBay" posts, including this Phoenix Coyotes "We Want The Cup" T-shirt. Not to be confused with the "We Want Your Team" shirts seen in Hamilton of a similar design. [From The Rink]

• Making the case that a top goalie is still needed for success, despite what the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers did last postseason. [Hockey.org]

• Chemmy restates the obvious: Kaberle has shown zero interest in waiving his NTC before, so why should next trade deadline be any different? [PPP]

• The Tampa Bay Lightning hire scouting veteran Al Murray as their new director of amateur scouting. [Lightning]

• BLOGGY: Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus talks about the state of blogging. "So if I'm not a blogger and I don't work at a blog, but yet I'm included among a collection of bloggers, does it really matter how we define the term?" [Press Coverage]

• Finally, you can kiss my Maple Leaf. Because Toronto is the best. According to this guy. Ears, meet bleeding.

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