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• The word "iconic" comes to mind. In lieu of eulogy, Blackhawks tribute up later.

Jonathan Toews(notes) was quoted by the Chicago Sun Times as screaming "it's all about you!" to the Chicago Blackhawks fans assembled for their parade Friday ... which we don't buy for a second because Toews doesn't scream. Talk loudly, sure, but not scream. City officials are estimating 350,000 fans; it looks to be much, much more from the reports on the ground, and estimates are now near 2 million people. [Second City Hockey, Mouthpiece SportsSun Times, Chicago Tribune, CSN Chicago]

• You know who should be happiest about this Stanley Cup parade? Taxpayers. [Sun Times]

Chris Pronger(notes) of the Philadelphia Flyers, responding to Adam Burish's(notes) "idiot" and punching comments from after Chicago won the Cup: "Why is he worrying about me instead of celebrating winning the Cup? Boy, it just goes to show how much I was in his kitchen for him to be talking about me five minutes after he wins the Cup." [Sportsnet, which had this news first, hence we're sourcing them]

• The "35 things to remember about Flyers' thrilling season." From the photo, "Briere's Chicken Legs" must be somewhere in the high teens. [Philly.com]

• Don't go blaming Michael Leighton(notes) for the Flyers losing in Game 6. [CSN Philly]

• The New Jersey Devils may be the strongest suitor Tomas Kaberle(notes). And if that doesn't work, Dan Hamhuis(notes) could be on the radar. And if that doesn't work, Lou's grabbin' a stick. [NY Post]

• The best news you'll read all day: Mandi Schwartz "found out this week that her leukemia is in remission." [FanHouse]

• Terrific piece by Steven Ovadia on Marian Hossa(notes) vs. Scott Hartnell(notes) and their respective values to teams. [Puck Update]

• Razor on the Chicago Blackhawks' road to success: "So the moral of this NHL version of the Tortoise and the Hare: Draft well. Develop slowly and steadily. Navigate intelligently. Get lucky here and there. And enjoy the journey toward the Stanley Cup." [Razor With An Edge]

• Of course, the next step in that process is dealing with massive salary cap headaches if you're Chicago. [Globe & Mail]

• No, seriously: They have cap issues. [QMI]

• "Flyers Fans a Classless Act." [Chicago Pain]

• Our only question: Did these Blackhawks fans go top of the roll or bottom of the roll when they TP'd coach Joel Quenneville's house? [TMZ Sports]

• The Calder Cup Finals are down to a best-of-three after the Hershey Bears roared back from a 2-0 deficit. (Bear ... roar ... yeah, we know.) [Andrew's Stars Page]

• Ryan Kennedy writes about whether powerhouse programs are always the best thing for developing prospects. [THN]

• We think the real question is: How is it that the Atlanta Thrashers aren't credentialing bloggers at this point? [AJC]

• Taylor Hall visits Edmonton, calls it a great city and reveals he attended the Heritage Classic. [Oilers]

• The Kurtenbloggers defend American fans celebrating Stanley Cup victories. Before they were swiftly deported to Seattle. [KB]

• Contrary to speculation, Guy Boucher said there isn't a decision yet on who his Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coaches will be next season. [Lightning Strikes]

• RIP, Bobby Kromm. [CBC Sports]

• Please welcome Sean Avery's(notes) sunglasses to the blogosphere. [Sean Avery's Sunglasses]

• Finally, bird's-eye view of the Blackhawks parade:

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