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• "You guys going to the Leafs/Kings game? I'm thinking I might take that new chick from Logistics. If things go well I might be showing her my O-face. 'Oh... Oh... Oh!' You know what I'm talkin' about. 'Oh!'" ... [Getty]

Danny Briere(notes) of the Philadelphia Flyers, who was suspended two games earlier this season, on being left out of the NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Pool: "I'm not surprised that I was bypassed, obviously with what happened with the suspension and Colin Campbell being involved. ... What I'm a little surprised is that we don't have more than just one player. There's no doubt that Claude was deserving, but with our record I thought we probably could have had at least another one." [Philly Sports Daily]

• We mentioned this as a disclaimer in the NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Pool post, but here's Brendan Shanahan(notes) reiterating it: "Without mentioning teams/players, the answer is yes. NHL was approached by certain players thru their GM. Battling injuries & need to heal." We're thinking a certain Swede with the Wings would qualify. [NHLShanny]

• Alas, some teams were better represented than others. From Florida Panthers beat reporter George Richards: "The Panthers have had at least one player in an All-Star Game save for 1998 in Vancouver. Tomas Vokoun(notes), David Booth(notes) and Bryan McCabe(notes) were all on the official All-Star ballot but the trio received an embarrassingly low number of votes." [On Frozen Pond]

• ESPN's team-by-team grades at the midpoint of the season. There are six D's and one F. We have 100 million reasons why you know which team is the F. [ESPN]

• Interesting bit: "Toronto Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski(notes) is on pace for his career best NHL season and in this season he has been out performing star players such as Evgeni Malkin(notes) and Alex Semin." [Crash The Crease]

• Great piece from the Joe White on Tom Poti(notes) of the Washington Capitals and his battle against allergies: "No nuts. No chocolate. No fish. Nothing from the ocean. No MSG. Most spices and sauces are verboten. Everything he eats has to be cooked in separate, clean utensils." [AP]

Vancouver Canucks winger Alex Burrows and Stephane Auger will be on the same ice for the first time together since Burrows accused Auger of "threatening" him in warm-ups and was subsequently fined. [Globe & Mail, and head here to revisit the Hockey Night in Canada indictment of Burrows]

• Four points made about the San Jose Sharks' struggles this season, like "Stop Mixing Lines": "Stop messing with the top three lines entirely, okay? Just let guys play together, in games and in practice, until they start to learn their roles and can begin to anticipate where their line-mates will be. I know it's fun to juggle lines, and it feels like you're being proactive and are taking steps to solve the scoring problem, but CLEARLY it isn't working." [Battle of California]

• Should Joffrey Lupul(notes) get more ice time for the Anaheim Ducks? [Anaheim Calling]

• Brad Lee's take on Kyle Wellwood(notes) getting a contract from the St. Louis Blues: "You might be aware that Wellwood was a whipping boy in Toronto and Vancouver with lots of amateur comedians making fun of Wellwoods'...fitness level. There are more than 8,000 returns when you do a Google search for 'Kyle Wellwood is fat.' While the former 18-goal scorer (that inspires some confidence, doesn't it?) isn't exactly skinny, he's no 2005 Keith Tkachuk(notes). Unfortunately, that goes for his talent and goal scoring ability." [St. Louis Game Time]

• Nice bit by Matt Reitz on how to develop a young player, contrasting the approach to Tyler Seguin(notes) and the Boston Bruins with that of Brayden Schenn(notes) and the Los Angeles Kings. [View From My Seats]

• We can sum up New York Rangers boss John Tortorella coaching Wojtek Wolski(notes) in two words: Vinny Prospal(notes). [THN]

• Our favorite thing in the world Monday night from Bleeding All Blue, as NHL 11 rejects the Wolski trade.

• Barstool on the remarkable comeback for the Boston Bruins on Monday night. [Barstool]

• Ian Walker with a great bit about rookie hazing, including this from Cam Fowler(notes): "Teemu has quite a car collection and one of them is a Maybach, which is essentially a mini limo. I was freaking out because the thing is so expensive. Then he throws me the keys and gives me a little chauffeur hat and told me I had to drive. We showed up and there were all these screaming fans and I had to get out and open the door for Getzy and Teemu." [Vancouver Sun]

• Solid bit about Keith Allain from the New York Times. [NYT, via Puck Buddy Jaden]

• What the heck is wrong with the Chicago Blackhawks and can it be fixed? Read the roundtable! [Blackhawk Up]

• Capitals owner Ted Leonsis on HBO "24/7": "I had never heard Bruce Boudreau curse. There's a new app that's being developed, it's pretty funny, I got to see it: you can take Biblical passages or Shakespeare, and put it through the Bruce Boudreau translator, and it comes out changed. ... We did [24/7] for the league. And I'm happy we did. It was very hard. They follow you everywhere, and HBO are fantastic story tellers, and I think it was epic television. And we all learned a lot, and it was great. And now we've probably set an expectation: if anybody else plays in the Winter Classic, they'll need to do it. I don't think I'd do it in the playoffs, though. I just don't think the pressure of always knowing that everything you're doing is being filmed, it's a tough way to live." [DC Sports Bog]

• Why the Carolina Hurricanes are a growing force in the East. [SI]

• Finally, because this happened, Marco Sturm(notes) vs. Tim Brent(notes) in Monday night's Leafs/Kings game.

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