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(Ed. Note: Our Evening Puck Headlines will return in a modified form next week. But tonight, we're cracking open beverages and watching puck ... until our Three Stars wrap-up appears on Puck Daddy after tonight's games. Jersey Fouls on Friday, and thanks as always for reading.)

(The photo above was taken moments before the late Chris Farley knocked over the keepers of the Cup and began frantically trying to peel Stanley to find the chocolate inside ...)

The season previews for all 30 teams by Y! Sports' Ross McKeon and Puck Daddy (as well as Don Draper) have been published. The Eastern Conference and Western Conference have received thorough prognostication. It's finally time for the big prize.

Who takes it? Whose cuisine reigns supreme? Well, there are five so-called experts; and there are four teams they predict to win the Stanley Cup.

Greg Wyshynski, editor, (Vancouver Canucks)

As I wrote in the Western Conference preview, I'm hoping that GM Mike Gillis does what's necessary to a very good roster to elevate it to great. Like the smart personnel tweaks that a guy like Ray Shero made to bring the Cup to Pittsburgh.

This is also a pick made with the hope that Roberto Luongo(notes) will lift the Conn Smythe over his head, instead of hiding his face under a hat to obscure tears from the media after elimination. (It would also be nice if Marty Brodeur had the majority of the starts in the Olympics, too.)

The team Vancouver will defeat, the Philadelphia Flyers, makes the Cup final based on two very strong defensive pairings, heroic performances up front and goaltending that doesn't lose them many games in the postseason. Plus, they're in the Winter Classic; true to form, one of the outdoor teams will make the Cup finals. Just not the home team.

Sean Leahy, assistant editor (Boston Bruins)

As much as a Pittsburgh-Detroit trilogy would bring down Twitter as well as the entire Internet, both teams will have played a lot of games in the past two seasons as well as trips to Europe. No matter how young the Penguins are, that's got to catch up to them at point, right?

Your 2010 Stanley Cup Final will be none other than the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks, giving fans the first Original Six match-up in the championship since the Canadiens and Rangers squared off in 1979. The Cup will return to Beantown on the back of Tim Thomas(notes) and even more hate will be directed towards the New England-area

Ryan "The Two-Line Pass" Lambert, "What We Learned" columnist (Boston Bruins)

Boston and the Detroit Red Wings, and Boston wins in six.

Detroit, as always, has the legs to get to the finals, but the Bruins have superior defense and goaltending (especially goaltending) and learned a bit from Carolina about taking an inferior opponent lightly.

Dobber, Fantasy Hockey Columnist (Pittsburgh Penguins)

The Cup will go to Pittsburgh again as they top the San Jose Sharks. How many times can the Sharks get held back? They're a great team and Heatley ices it. They'll get to the Final. I wonder if Crosby and Malkin will ever lose. I haven't predicted a back-to-back winner in a decade.

Dmitry Chesnokov, writer and interviewer extraordinaire (San Jose Sharks)

It will be San Jose vs. Philadelphia

And the winner is.... SAN JOSE. Why? Just because the curse has to end some day.

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