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Ouch. Inventive and completely accurate, but ouch. Jerry Deprew with the Washington Capitals-as-playoff-disappointments angle.

Yes indeed, it's the second batch of entries for the Puck Daddy's NHL Holiday Greeting Card/Holiday Song contest, in which we asked you to create cards and tunes for this joyous season that are infected with snark and cynicism about hockey. Gallery 1 is here; safe to say you knuckleheads raised the bar since then.

To reset the contest: Create the quintessential Holiday Hockey Greeting Card, incorporating the iconography of the season's significant occasions (Christmas, Hanukah, the Winter Solstice for the Pagans in the audience). We're extending the deadline to midnight tonight (EST). Email your entries to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

First Place: An NHL HD Flip Cam, courtesy of Flip. You pick the team. Not a bad little prize, that one.

Second Place: Hockeywear from NIKE Hockey; winner gets his or her choice of a few items. Courtesy of NIKE Hockey.

Third Place: From Warner Home Entertainment and the NHL, it's the "10 Greatest Games" DVD box sets for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals.

Fourth Place: Via 2K Sports, a copy of NHL 2K11 featuring our pal Ryan Kesler(notes) on the cover.

So two ways to enter, and enter as often as you'd like (PG-13 Content Warning, as always). Again, we're extending the deadline to midnight tonight (EST).

It's a contest for Photoshops and songs. With that, we're proud to present the latest effort from two Puck Daddy legends: K-Maxx and Shelly-D, the now-eighth grade hip-hop artists that gave the world the Vancouver Canucks anthem "Cheerin' for My City (Cheerin' Cheerin' for My City)." They're back with "Oh Vancouver (Puck Daddy Christmas Song)", their entry in the contest. Green screen, FTW!

Coming up, an insane collection of cards and songs that target everyone from Sidney Crosby(notes) to Kyle Wellwood(notes) to Dan Ellis(notes) to Don Cherry.

And here ... we ... go.

This Sami Salo(notes) card is both a holiday greeting and a cautionary tale. From Puck Buddy Jon S.

A former Canucks great gets his due in the contest, as Jeff Foy presents Kyle Wellwood in Russia's highest grossing holiday film since "Home Alone 3."

Pantsalot returns with another effort, starring Sidney Lou Who.

Puck Buddy Ricky L. opts for the Sidney Christ parody in this wonderful Nativity scene:

Here it is, a picture remembering the day that Sidney Christ was given to us by the Virgin Gary. Around them, we can see that the NHL is elated at his arrival, with figures such as Alex Ovechkin(notes), Sean Avery(notes), and Red Wings fans. And- oh wait, Christmas is about Jesus? Oh well.

Big fan of Alex Ovechkin and his sheep.

Knuble's Knights present the already-decorated Don Cherry looking even more decorated for the holidays. The perfect card for all the non-Europeans in your lives.

Loser Domi presents her Mikhail Grabovski(notes) greeting card to his friends on the Montreal Canadiens. "On the Grabovski card, isn't the whole point of the holiday season coming together and uniting for the sake of divisional rivalry?" she wrote. We love the homemade efforts, mainly because it reminds us of the time we used to eat paste. That time being last week.

An Andy Sutton(notes) "So you're an expert?" reference? Expected. A Hanukkah Harry reference? The most pleasant surprise of the contest. Via Puck Buddy Jay Brennan.

Two Dan Ellis greeting cards for you, with varying degrees of opulence. Puck Buddy Mike H. takes us to the penthouse ...

... and "RP" takes us in another direction with this card. Stupid escrow!

OK, so this isn't a greeting card or a song from Alex T. But that doesn't mean it isn't grotesquely hilarious.

12 Days of Hockey - Puck Daddy Contest from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

And now, Noah Cornick's "12 Days of Hockey." From Noah:

It's an A Capella parody of The 12 Days of Christmas.  I apologize in advance for my horrible, horrible voice.

In case you can't make them all out, the 12 Days are as follows:

1. Craig Hartsburg

2. Mirtle Hugs

3. Luke Schenns

4. Colin Campbell Reprimands

5. Gold Medals

6. Teams Relocating

7. Sidney Slewfoots

8. Kaners Drinking

9. Giants Dancing

10. Gordons Bombaying

11. Wings Fans Foil Hats

12. Twelve Plus Three Years of Kovalchuk

Sorry again for my voice.

And finally ...

Puck Buddy Jon B. is evidently determined to make the world fear mistletoe.

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