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We've invited Lyle Richardson and David Pagnotta to participate in these weekly rumors chats for many reasons; but above all else, they're two hockey writers that cite their sources when analyzing information.

This has always been a problem for old pal Dwayne "Eklund" Klessel, who cribs information from mainstream media sources and less trusted sources. Posting un-sourced information is not an ethical lapse on the level of fabricating a biography for your readers, but claiming someone else's information as your own is rather immoral. Especially when it enters into the realm of unabashed plagiarism.

Chemmy from Pension Plan Puppets helped break the news last night that Klessel had swiped an entire paragraph from Rich Hammond, Los Angeles Kings beat writer for the LA Daily News, regarding Mathieu Schneider and other defensive options for the Kings. Only instead of Hammond, the news was attributed to "an LA source." Klessel defended his blog's plagiarism thusly in a post last night: "Unfortunately, I was obviously largely offline from around 5pm on, as a very serious family situation kept me from even seeing the error until a few minutes ago. I feel awful and I have had a back and forth with Rich where I apologized for the mishap. I was not at all aware of Rich's story and only wish I had known my source was referencing the column in his email to me."

Paul Kukla has questions about the alleged timing in all of this, but FanHouse's Kevin Schultz cuts to the heart of the matter: Is defending your site's plagiarism by claiming that it's your sources who actually plagiarize any defense at all? Doesn't it just speak to the incredible lack of even basic ethical standards and moral intuition in your character?

We'll try our best to cite our rumors (or at least reword them) on our weekly chat at 1 p.m. EDT, so please join us. There are good writers on Klessel's site; hopefully some day they'll be willing to trade the traffic and attention they receive for a semblance of professional respect they'll never earn while taking a paycheck from an embarrassment. Oh, sorry: An entertainer.

(Ed Note: The Live Chat is over and for the sake of space on the blog we're moving the chat replay after the jump. Enjoy!)

Here's the chat:

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