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Yesterday, we introducing one of the better productivity leeches we've seen this offseason: The Sporting Store's hockey jersey generator, where a variety of styles and colors and templates and graphics can be combined to invent a plethora of virtual Jersey Fouls.

We mentioned sending some of your creations to us over email, and naturally that led the Puck Daddy inbox getting slammed by over two dozen submissions within hours of the blog post -- including the above gem from Kyle L., who explains:

"I dabble around with Photoshop type programs often, and had created the KC Islanders logo as an avatar for a NY Rangers board I frequent. When I saw the article about The Sporting Store, I figured it was time to slap it on a jersey. It's similar to the current Islanders jersey, just with trim that is slightly crooked as an ode to John Spano.

"By the way, that's not Missouri in the logo, it's Kansas which is exactly the kind of mistake the geographically challenged NY Islanders would make."

With that, here's a bunch of reader submissions from The Sporting Store's jersey generator. If any of you evil geniuses are still fiddling around with it, hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com with your whimsy.

And here ... we ... go.

Alex and Erica S. sent over this ode to The Dark Knight, and we would wear the ever-loving crap out of this thing if we were 12 years old and it was 1989. OK, if it was 1989, we probably would have sold it to some Tim Burton freak for $100 by now.

A fun sweater to wear, were it not for having to use the Christian Bale voice at all times. Murder on the throat, that one.

Many of the creations were of the third-jersey variety, including this attempt by Richard A. at a revamped New Jersey Devils look. Because nothing says honor and prestige like resembling a raspberry and licorice swirly.

Erik R. sent along with San Jose Sharks alt-sweater, and using the shark fin on the front is a pretty darn good idea. Even if the rest of it looks like Don Shula's bath towels.

This Ed R. Boston Bruins jersey makes our eyes hurt a little. The only way the Bruins could pull off this look is with the matching spandex pants on loan from Stryper.

See, you're all going to want to hate this attempt by Erik F. at a Pittsburgh Penguins alt-jersey. But then you're going to be like, "but the blue trim is rather pimp ... maybe he's onto something."

Yeah, but then you're going to think about the inevitable Gulden's mustard-covered helmets in a Heinz town. And that's a non-starter right there.

Bangin Panger sent over a few that, naturally, were too lewd or in poor taste to use on Yahoo! (which of course means they were awesome). Here's one that made the cut, mainly because anything with an XFL reference will make the cut on PD.

This diversion is not without its practical uses. From Joseph O'Brien, editor in chief of The Reporter:

Unfortunately here at Stetson U. we don't have a hockey team. (Yet Embry Riddle down the road does, and somehow their games always coincide with $1 beer night at the rink.)  But I took the liberty of making these beauties. Thanks for helping me hate my summer job a little less.

Our pleasure. Any other non-hockey colleges want to take a shot on the generator?

Finally ... yeah. This is from our own Dmitry Chesnokov, who apparently felt it was his life's mission to cruelly mock our scholarly attempts to explore all aspects of Jersey Fouls by creating one of our own. Boo, I say. Boo! (And not just because he spelled my last name wrong. Guess they have telemarketers in Russia, too.)

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