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For most of the season, Evander Kane(notes) of the Atlanta Thrashers was the scrawny rookie named after a heavyweight champ whose effort on the ice went beyond his 26 points in 66 games.

Then he knocked out Matt Cooke(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins in a late-season fight, showing another side to his impressive game and assuring him of a standing ovation the next time the Thrash play in Boston. It's only appropriate, then, that Kane's musical tastes hint at both facets of his hockey talent.

In Episode 8 of Puck Tracks, Kane talks about the sonic motivation of hardcore rapper Tech N9ne's "Riot Maker." Sample prose:

"Killas from everywhere listen to me when I be bustin [expletive]/
Then turbulence, don't get nervous when I wreck arenas./
Concert promoters in Honolulu don't wanna see me/
'Cuz they say that Samoans will riot on Tecca Nina cuz I'm a RIOT MAKER."

But later in the podcast, Kane exhibits more refined, classical tastes. Unless there's a Chopin piano solo inspired by rioting Samoans we're unaware of at this time ... 

Puck Tracks, our first podcast, was created and facilitated by audio producer Michael Raphael. It features players discussing the music that helps shape their lives and careers. It's their soundtrack on the road or on the ice. It's the music that fuels their competitive passion, or evokes bittersweet memories of childhood and family.

Puck Tracks Episode Eight: Evander Kane, Atlanta Thrashers from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Check out previous episodes featuring Wade Belak, Brooks Laich, Matt Greene, Steve Ott, Peter Budaj, Brandon Sutter and Ty Conklin. Follow @pucktracks on Twitter for news; up next, the Season 1 finale of Puck Tracks featuring Bobby Ryan(notes) of the Anaheim Ducks.

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