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Petr Sykora's triple-overtime game-winning goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals was already destined for mythic status before we learned the tantalizing details surrounding it. Namely, that Sykora had "called his shot" to NBC announcer Pierre McGuire in the second overtime, leading some to already mention this moment in Pittsburgh sports history in the same breath with the "Immaculate Reception" and Bill Mazeroski's home run in the 1960 World Series.

Also now-legendary: While teammates like Brooks Orpik opted for IV treatments during the marathon game, Sykora fueled up with free pizza between periods.

Not just any pizza. When asked in the postgame press conference "Who delivered?", Sykora responded "Domino's." That sent laughter rolling through the assembled media, thanks to the obvious irony that Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch also owns rival pizza chain Little Caesars.

As delicious as this detail was last night, turns out Sykora was mistaken (or, if he was joking, it was lost on some of the media that covered the game). No Domino's fell in the Pittsburgh locker room; he and his teammates were actually consuming Little Caesars the entire time. From Y! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel's coverage of Game 5:

Jarkko Ruutu went old school. "I had one slice of pizza," he said. "I think it was pepperoni."

Pizza in the middle of the game? He wasn't alone. The team had emptied a pile of boxes, now stacked up in one corner. It was supposed to be the postgame meal; it became the midgame fuel. "Little Caesars," Ruutu smiled, knowing that's Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch's chain.

We've been told by an eyewitness that there was indeed a stack of empty Little Caesars boxes in the Pens' locker room. But beyond the forensic evidence, let's use some common sense here: Detroit Red Wings, owned by Mike Ilitch; Joe Louis Arena, operated by Olympia Entertainment, owned by Ilitch Holdings;Little Caesars, owned by Mike Ilitch, served inside Joe Louis Arena.

How, exactly, is Petr Sykora getting a slice of Domino's again? Unless the Penguins ordered a few pies, and the delivery guy had a locker room pass as well as the foresight that there would be a third overtime ...

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