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As Canada digests the new designs for its Olympic sweaters, USA Hockey unveiled its look for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver with a decidedly retro look.

Gone is the wavy red-and-white "flag" on the "S" from the logo (because it had to go, per the IOC); in its place on the Nike-designed sweater is a logo that harkens back to Olympic hockey glory in Team USA's history: Including a third jersey that resembles the one worn during the team's gold medal run during the 1960 Games in Squaw Valley. USA Hockey previously trotted out these jerseys during the 2008 World Championships in Canada.

The blue jerseys will also feature this image, which is the "Nike We the People Graphic" originally unveiled in Beijing. It allegedly features:

• The Statue of Liberty, represented by the torch
• Stars and stripes representing the 50 American states
• The date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence
• Decorative elements from our nation's currency
• The olive branch and arrows from the talons of the American eagle in the Presidential seal
• Celtic, African and Native American symbols and influences
• A bleeding heart representing Hispanic culture

And who doesn't think about the Declaration of Independence and "decorative elements from our nation's currency" when they think Olympic ice hockey?

According to a Nike spokesperson, the "We The People" image will be "on the sleeves as well as on the back bottom of the jersey. It's printed directly onto the material of the jersey so extra weight is not added."

The Team USA jerseys will be sold in Nike stores across the United States, online at www.nikestore.com and www.vancouver2010.com. They do have a bit of that "Miracle On Ice" no-frills vibe, and we appreciate the more prominent display of "USA" on the front; although we imagine the "third jersey" is giving Islanders and Devils fans the willies with its strong resemblance to the New York Rangers' gear.

Puck Drawn has some discussion going on about the sweaters, but what do you think, America (and beyond)?

Pass or Fail: The new USA Hockey Olympic sweaters by Nike?

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