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Last week, the NCAA announced several rule-change proposals that will go before the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel for approval in July.

Some of them are smart. At least one of them is completely nutty. And then there's the delayed call/power-play rule, which we'll discuss in a moment.

The strengthening of hits-to-the-head rules is nothing but a positive development. Giving referees the arbitrary power to call icing before a player races to touch the puck has its pluses and minuses.

But calling icing on a penalty-killing team during a power-play is a disastrous notion; imagine how weary teams that can't change lines on an icing will become on the kill? Imagine how many pucks dumped into the stands we'll see on the power play? No wonder coaches are freaking out and the rule proposal's about to die on the vine.

Yet another power-play proposal, in some ways just as radical, has sparked an interesting debate: Allowing a team to score on a delayed call and then go on the power play, with a chance to score another goal on the same penalty.

From a hockey perspective, does this add value to the Game? Perhaps, if you believe the Game needs its own 'three-point shot' to allow teams to cut into big leads. Perhaps, if you believe that this rule (and the one proposed every so often that makes a minor penalty a '2-minute major') are severe enough to deter players from fouling opponents.

But Bruce Ciskie of FanHouse believes its "dumb," as he explained:

Basically, it's the hockey version of double jeopardy. A team draws a foul while in possession of the puck, so they pull their goalie for an extra skater. While playing six-on-five, they score. Now, they get two minutes of five-on-four hockey to follow that, because the penalty will be called.

It's another way to increase scoring, because there's around a 20 percent chance the penalty will lead to a power-play goal, and the scoring team gets two for the price of one, so to speak. Is this really a problem? Do we have a dearth of scoring in college hockey?

Ciskie and Ken Schott, who wasn't sure how he felt about the rule, have rule-by-rule reactions to the NCAA proposals that are worth your time. Meanwhile, we ask you dear readers:

Pass or Fail: Teams should be able to score on a delayed call and then go on the power play for the same penalty.

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