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The snoops from Icethetics have discovered the Minnesota Wild's new third jerseys five days before their official unveiling at a state fair. These have been highly anticipated, because the Wild previously released one of the most striking (and widely copied) alternate sweaters in NHL history.

Chris from Icethetics, whose site previously leaked prototypes of this look that appear pretty darn accurate now, raved about the new duds:

The minute amount of red works in its favor. We wanted a green sweater and we got a green sweater. The striping is dead-on, reminiscent of the 2004 All-Star jersey. And the only thing I might change is probably the thin piping around the shoulders. Aside from that, I don't think there's anything else to improve. It's what most of us were hoping for. Easy on the red, heavy on the green.

One additional bit to love about these: The shooting star on top of "Minnesota," recalling those halcyon days of Neal Broten and Brian Bellows

The Wild aren't the first team to go with the collegiate script logo on the front of the third jersey, as the Anaheim Ducks' had a similar alternate a few years back. (Via Hockey Sweaters)

So is this a masterpiece of understated design and hockey class? Or is it a snore, especially in comparison with what is now the fifth-best jersey in hockey as ranked by THN? In other words:

Pass or Fail: The Minnesota Wild's new third jerseys.

[H/T @rdjones on Twitter]

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