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The Florida Panthers have a new promotion for their nine January home games in which single-game ticket buyers "will enjoy an incredible live hockey experience or get their money back."

Seriously, that's it.

Home team loses? Spilled your beer? Didn't like all the Nickelback they played? Fill out a survey online and get yourself a refund. (Not for nothing, but it doesn't even appear you need to submit a scan of the ticket.)

From the Panthers:

"We have been saying all season long that Florida Panthers hockey at the BankAtlantic Center is one of the best live experiences in South Florida, and the professional sports industry," said SSE president & COO Michael Yormark. "Now, we are putting our money where our mouth is and guaranteeing that incredible experience or your money back."

The Panthers "Good Time Guarantee" is available only on single game tickets (up to four) purchased for January home games between now, Dec. 22, and Jan. 21. Single game ticket buyers who did not enjoy an incredible live hockey experience during a January game at the BankAtlantic Center can receive their refund by filling out a short survey on FloridaPanthers.com. (Florida residents only; other select limitations apply).

A few reasons why this promotion's actually a little slice of genius:

• The Panthers have historically handed out free tickets like they're ladies-night fliers at a South Beach club; please recall them giving two free tickets for regular-season games to anyone with a valid state driver's license. With this promotion, you have fans paying for what might have been freebies anyway and asking them to jump through a few hoops for a refund ... and what percentage actually will (a) admit to having a lousy time and (b) fill out the survey

• The survey collects all the vital info the team will need for future marketing initiatives.

• It's only available to Florida residents, which means the snowbirds they've been courting aren't eligible.

Not too shabby. It's no hockey yarmulke, but it's an attention-grabber.

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