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As we said the other day, the alternate logo the Carolina Hurricanes have decided to put on the front of their third jerseys is better than the primary one. So that's an improvement. But not only has this team joined the regrettable parade of black sweaters that mar the NHL, they've decided to not only keep that distracting border on the bottom of the jersey but make it grey and black. It detracts from the design, especially when you consider how subtly sublime those black-on-black logos on the shoulders are.

The Hurricanes revealed the jerseys today and will wear them for 15 home games that require a boost of artificial bad-assery this season. From the Hurricanes, here's what the rest of the uniform will look like:

Each piece of the uniform is primarily black, including the players' helmets, gloves, socks and jersey. The featured logo on the center of the jersey is the team's familiar secondary logo, which includes a storm warning flag attached to a hockey stick and laid over a triangle, a tribute to the team's home in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The jersey also includes gray squares along the bottom of the jersey, where the red-and-black squares are on the team's primary sweaters and a gray and black version of the team's primary logo on each shoulder. The player's number is in red outlined in white on the sleeves and back, and the players name is in white on the back of the sweater. The socks and sleeves of the jersey feature red and gray v-shaped stripes and the black pants include the team's primary logo.

The alt-logo's pretty sweet, though. Does that triangle in back of the hockey stick flag seem a little Starfleet uniform to anyone else? Wonder what Cam Ward thinks of his defensemen all wearing the same color as the puck in front of the crease?

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