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Edmonton Oilers goalie Mathieu Garon worked with artist Sylvie Poitras on two goalie masks for this season. One is an old-school tribute to former Oilers' Stanley Cup champion goalies Bill Ranford and Grant Fuhr, and fits well with the team's retro third-jerseys.

The other is pictured here, and allegedly features "a stylized oil drop" on the front. But the unavoidable truth is that it clearly resembles a menacing piece of poo. It's like Mr. Hanky's psychotic younger brother wearing a "Reebok" grill.

The intent may have been to provide a wild-eyed take on the McFarlane Oilers' alt logo; but the mask image just makes us squirm while we think about the last time we ate Thai food -- although maybe that's because the mask also has "dragons on either side." Hey, just like Alyssa Milano did way back in 1994! Hockey synergy strikes yet again.

Thanks to PD reader "loilfan" for the tip.

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