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Ah, the holiday season. A time for the mass slaughtering of trees in order to create millions of greeting cards that arrive late, put your in a sugar coma with their obtuse sentimentality and/or allow you to see how awkward the children in your extended family look when dressed in a Santa-colored track suit at Sears.

It's also a time for the latest Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest.

This year's challenge: Create the quintessential Holiday Hockey Greeting Card, incorporating the iconography of the season's significant occasions (Christmas, Hanukah, the Winter Solstice for the Pagans in the audience).

We're talking about the image above, featuring bloodthirsty Russians and their Penguin friends. Or Brian Burke, sliding down the Boston Bruins' chimney with a sack full of lottery picks. Or Chris Pronger(notes), taking out a dreidel with an elbow as it tries to spin by him. Or anything involving the Nativity scene ... as long as we don't veer too far into the murky waters of blasphemy.

We'll take Photoshops galore ... but if you wanted to scan some original art (say, like, as if it were drawn by a child), that's accepted too. All we ask is that it look like a holiday card ... and that can include a message written "inside" as well. 

Oh, but wait, there's more! In honor of the first season of Puck Daddy Radio, we're expanding the Reader Contest into one of sight and sound.

If you have an original (or parody) Christmas Song that involves NHL players, we want to hear it. Send it to us or upload it YouTube; just let us know about it so we can (a) include it in the contest and (b) play it on Puck Daddy Radio this month. Hint: The time and effort put into the Christmas song will be weighed slightly more than a Photoshop.

So two ways to enter, and enter as often as you'd like (PG-13 Content Warning, as always). The deadline for submissions is Friday, Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST.

Email your entries to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com, or hit us with any questions.

Prizes? We'd rather refer to them as gifts, thank you very much. We'll list the specific places/prizes in a later post, but they range from a NIKE Hockey gear collection to "10 Greatest Games) DVD sets to NHL 2K11 for the Wii to gift cards, with more swag being added to the pot. We'll have around five winners for this one. 

But do you enter these contests for the treasure or the glory? Was Create-a-Card about the prizes? Or the Sidney Crosby Golden Roar? Or Gloating Bruins Fan? Hell no. It was about the art.

So get 'Shopping or drawing or singing or playing. And thanks for participating in our nonsense.

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