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With a 2-1 series deficit and Carey Price(notes) between the pipes tonight for Game 4, you'd think there would be slightly less demand for Montreal Canadiens tickets. But even Alex Ovechkin(notes) is working the corners to get them, it seems.

LCN in Quebec has video of Washington Capitals stars Ovechkin and Alex Semin (completely incognito in his No. 28 ski cap) interacting with locals at a street corner near Bell Centre. According to LCN's Web site, in a post titled "Ovechkin refuses an autograph session!" (translated here), Ovie was asking about the price of tix:

In an amateur video tour yesterday by a mobile phone Chantiri Chadi, Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin(notes) teammate briefly discussed on a sidewalk in the Rue de la Montagne, near the Bell Centre "I found it a bit special!" 

In an interview with LCN, who captured the scene said the Caps captain was talking to a reseller of tickets, possibly to get their hands on seats at the game tonight! However, as Chantiri says, "scalpers have refused to sell tickets" to Ovechkin.

Then, a father came with her two children, a boy and a girl, a flag in hand. "Tell me you have a pen," asked the father to the NHL star, who replied "no."  Before leaving politely slip away in the small family plan, the captain has dropped: "See you guys!".

The translation on that last part seems a little rough. Anyhoo, this amateur video was compelling enough for LCN to build a 2-minute segment around (video, French language).

Whatever actually occurred here, we have to applaud Ovechkin based on the video evidence. Not only does he refuse to sign a national flag -- a practice that's always sorta baffled us, in a potential desecration way -- but he may have been negotiating his own price on scalped tickets for Game 4.

Another captain's sending a rookie out there to shake down a ticket broker; but did you see John Carlson(notes) in that video? No. The 'C' means you scalp you own. Or at least pay for Semin's.

(Ed. Note: We've been informed by several people that goalie Semyon Varlamov(notes) is the dude in the acid-wash jeans. Good to see Russians have embraced their inner South Jersey.)  

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