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So does this technically qualify as Evgeni Malkin's(notes) day with the Cup?

The Pittsburgh Penguins star and lady-friend Oksana Kondakova were photographed last week in Miami, challenging the weight restrictions for pool furniture. Based on the Penguins' uniforms, both sported what appears to be their third-swimwear.

They also enjoyed some beach fun, and the photo evidence can be viewed on Lainey Gossip (PG-13 images/language warning; H/T Hockey For The Ladies, Big League Screw and Splash News). As you'll see in the photos, Oksana's bikini (possible NSFW) is a mere suggestion. Yikes ... is there a chance she had a single eye-to-eye conversation with a heterosexual male while on vacation?

No word if Malkin actually uses a Terrible Towel at the beach, despite the photographic evidence. Or if he's made food porn with Oksana yet, as he has with other alleged companions.  

Speaking of porn, Tampa Bay Lightning No. 1 draft choice Victor Hedman may just be awesome. In a Q&A with the St. Petersburg Times, Hedman was asked:

What's the last book you read?

[Hedman:] I don't want to say. The last one was Jenna Jameson, How to ... Make Love Like a Porn Star. I read The Dirt about Motley Crue.

Naturally, Joe Bolts Fan says what's better left unsaid: "The kid's got a helluva porn star name and he may just aspire to be one."

Honestly, we're more excited about his reading "The Dirt" by Motley Crue. We've had players who party like rock stars in the NHL before; we've yet to have one that partied like Nikki Sixx. Let's just hope he doesn't end up looking like Vince Neil or Mick Mars.

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