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NHL players use social media in different ways. We've had players tweet about signing new contracts or scoring big goals or taking photos of the homeless. What we haven't had are many players sharing bloody disgusting photos of their own injuries ... until last night.

Darryl Boyce(notes), a rookie center for the Toronto Maple Leafs, went missing in the third period of last night's 3-0 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. He updated those who follow him on Twitter at @dboyce47 with the following message:

"Reason for the third period absence ... that blue gauze is on my chest and u can see it through my nose."

The image it linked to showed Boyce being worked on by trainers as his nostril was lacerated, and his chest was visible through the outstretched skin. If that sounds in any way repulsive to you, then you'll probably not want to click the following link to see the second image listed under, "My face hurts but I don't know why..."

Click here to see a graphic photo of Darryl Boyce's nose. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH AND YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

From James Mirtle at the Globe & Mail:

Leafs centre Darryl Boyce suffered a gruesome facial injury, mainly to his nose, when he hit the photographer's hole in the glass in last night's game and didn't practice. Boyce is on Twitter and offered a look at the damage, but it's really not for the faint of heart. (Don't say I didn't warn you.) [Coach Ron] Wilson said at practice that Boyce probably wouldn't play in Buffalo, although he indicated to me on Twitter he hopes to be back in the lineup. "He's got some severe facial cuts," Wilson said. "But we're expecting him possibly to play on Monday [against Atlanta]."

So you wanna be a hockey player ...

The image of Boyce's beak went viral today, with hundreds of fans and pundits retweeting and opining on the injury. A few standouts:

Matthew Barnaby, ESPN: "God I love studio work!!"

Steve Dangle, Vlogger: "If Darryl Boyce plays on Monday he'll 1.) Need to play with a full face mask and 2.) Need to play with a quadruple XL cup."

Sean Boulton: "If you've ever questioned whether or not @dboyce47 is a gamer, well, the answer is as plain as the nose that used to be on his face."

Dave Lozo, NHL.com: "So @dboyce47 is laying there, bloody, nose hanging off his face, and someone says, ‘Let's get a pic of this for Twitter.' Ah, social media."

Congrats to Darryl Boyce and his horrific schnoz. It's been far too long since a hockey player's nose gained such notoriety ... at least since Brind'Amour retired.

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