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Life is filled with pointless, distracting little games we play. Hearing if the song on the radio will sync up with the clicking of your turn signal. Watching raindrop races on windows. Firing balled-up paper into wastebasket "hoops" from three-point range.

In keeping with that grand tradition of diversionary nonsense is the Edmonton Oilers Draft Lottery Generator, which is exactly as it sounds.

The Oil have built in the odds for all 14 non-playoff teams (fudging a bit in the Eastern Conference, for now), and you keep refreshing this page to see who wins a simulated draft lottery. (The real McCoy is scheduled for Tuesday night.)

Teams that win the lottery but aren't one of the five worst in the NHL can move up four spots. The bottom five in the League all have a shot at No. 1 overall, and Edmonton's Web site cites the current odds as of this morning:

48.2% - Edmonton Oilers

18.8% - Boston Bruins (from Toronto Maple Leafs)

14.2% - Tampa Bay Lightning

10.7% - Florida Panthers

8.1% - Columbus Blue Jackets

Is it too late for Boston to pay Phil Kessel's(notes) appearance fee so he can be their rep at the draft lottery?

Go ahead and refresh away until you get your desired result, like you're shaking a Magic 8-Ball that keeps reading "outlook not so good." It's oddly addictive and gets your brain into draft mode ... until the Lightning win the faux lottery, forcing you to consider the reality of a "Seen Seguin?" campaign starting this summer.

Stick tap to Puck Buddy Jeff Israel for the tip.

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