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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

Oh, how adorable: Like the cake topper at a St. Louis Blues Jersey Fouls wedding.

She'll no doubt look back on this sweater stunt fondly when she's had to explain for the 10,000th time that "Bride 20" isn't an indication of her age at the time of matrimony, or that she married a polygamist.

Look, we're not completely cold-hearted bastards here; maybe just slightly chilled, like a plastic bottle of Miller Lite at the arena. So we wonder if there is an acceptable, less-Foulish way to pull off commemorative wedding jerseys, because we don't want to begrudge two puckheads in love the chance to walk down the aisle in support of their favorite teams (and for true love, eternal bliss, yadda yadda yadda).

Does this happy couple pull it off? Is there another way to do it? Are Bride/Groom jerseys just a complete Fail and a harbinger of doom for the relationship?

If there can be a Star Wars wedding, there can be an NHL fan wedding, right? (Thanks to Puck Buddy Ryan M. for the photo.)

Meanwhile in the Windy City, this Chicago Blackhawks fan really broke the bank to update what we assume was either a Chris Chelios(notes) (in which case ... why?) or Lyle Odelein (in which case ... OK) jersey to a Brent Seabrook(notes) model. Materials alone are setting him back, what, two to three dollars?

That said, we respect his flawless artistry in using all capital letters.

Thanks to Roman for the image.

(Coming Up: A incredible New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Hat Foul; a debatable T.J. Oshie(notes) Foul; the mascot jersey conundrum; Alfie's folly; religious freedom; Franken-T-Shirts; your Sidney Crosby(notes) Foul updates; and a Washington Capitals Foul that we're frankly tired of seeing stream into our inbox.)

And here ... we ... go.

Puck Buddy NYR34 caught this Montreal Canadiens Foul during a "Hockey Night in Canada" broadcast:

Just in case you didn't know how many cups the Habs have won in their history, this guy is glad to help you, good sir.

A Habs fan wallowing in legacy to ease the pain of reality, participating in "our banners are bigger than yours" posturing when the Canadiens haven't sniffed the Cup since 1993?

Huh ... that's so unlike them.

This is actually a tough one. Puck Buddy Jason D. explains this picture snapped at a St. Louis Blues game:

When I originally spotted this jersey from my place in line, I thought it was an Eric Brewer(notes) jersey, as I could only make out the No. 4 on the sleeve (Brewer is both our captain and number 4 on the team). It was only as I was leaving the line that I discovered it was, in fact, a TJ Oshie jersey with the captain's "C". Oshie is by far the overwhelming favorite among most Blues fans right now judging by the amount of 74 T-shirts and jerseys that can be seen on any given game night, so I suppose it's a deserved case of wishful thinking that someday he'll be our captain, and this guy wanted to get in on it early. That, or it was fairly cheap to add the C, so he just went with it.

Now, if this is a premature captain-ization, that's a Foul for sure, akin to ironing on a Stanley Cup patch before winning one.

But if it's a Protest Jersey through which he's calling for Oshie to be the team's captain ... that might be a Pass, though it's a slim margin. 

We've got a buddy who goes by the username "Hckyfght," and that was our first thought on this Los Angeles Kings Foul; like it's supposed to be "Hurry Nick" or something.

It didn't occur to us that Hrynyk is probably his last name, seeing as how there's actually a player in hockey with that moniker. Puck Buddy Eric C., master of the Staples Center Jersey Foul, opines:

I'm not sure what's worse here, that this guy put his name on a jersey with LA legend Luc Robitaille's #20, that he obviously sewed it on himself in what looks like Helvetica font, or that his name technically has no consonants. 

A little of column 'A', a little of column 'B' and a little from Column 'C' for good measure.

We firmly believe in freedom of religious expression here on Puck Daddy, and would have been inclined to Pass this because of that.

But we're fairly certain that neither Abraham, Isaac nor Jacob had any connection with the No. 69. Though we haven't polled our Jewish friends for clarification on that.

(Thanks to our good buddy Dave McBrayer of Carolina On Ice for sending over this Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.)

From Puck Buddy Chas D.:

I was at a Hershey Bears game a few weeks ago and this guy in front of me had on a replica jersey of the mascot, Coco the Bear. As you can tell, this guy is not very bear-like. Maybe there is something to be said for going with a jersey that will be around for a while as AHL players tend to come and go, but wearing a mascot sweater?

Interesting call, the Mascot Jersey Foul. Technically, the jersey the mascot wears is one created by the team that's worn on the ice, and it's unique to that mascot. So is it a Foul to wear one yourself?

Furthermore, as Chas points out: Players come and go in the AHL, but mascots aren't exactly called up as an emergency injury placement for an NHL team. They give a sense of permanence in a transitional League. So, based on that: Not a Foul?

Phoenix Coyotes fanatic "zyllyx" sends over one of the strangest shirt Fouls we've ever seen:

Not sure if this counts as a jersey foul since it's actually T-shirts. But what we have here is the "Gemini Foul," with a perfectly good Nordiques jersey shirt sewn Frankenstein-style to pieces of a cheap Phoenix Coyotes shirt (the budget version) at the Coyotes/Habs game on 11/12.

The hell? Is this some sort of puckhead political statement? Or a declaration that they only root for two teams: A defunct Canadian franchise and a franchise most of Canada thinks deserves to be defunct?

So confused.

Say, did you know Washington Capitals fans have rather strong feelings towards Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and that frequently those feelings manifest themselves in satirical signs and/or jersey nameplates?

From Puck Buddy Carly K.:

My twin sister and I were enjoying a few beverages at Bar Louie before the Caps/Columbus game last weekend when we noticed this jersey foul.  Our questions: 

1. If you're going to fork out the money for a Caps jersey, why taint it with any kind of reference to Crosby?

2 - Number 13?  Huh? 

1. A rampant inferiority complex.

2. Hockey voodoo.

(Ed. Note: We appreciate everyone who sends us this Capitals Foul [NSFW] on practically a weekly basis. We think it's hilarious; the suits thing it's non-publishable. So that's why we can only link to it here. Just an FYI.)

Meanwhile, at the Igloo ...

... Penguins fans are keeping things in perspective.

Honestly, beyond the obvious, this is an Epic Fail for a Penguins fan. Having been told at least several thousand times over the last 20 years that Mario is God, this jersey is blasphemous.

Thanks to our friends at The Pensblog, who are no doubt stunned we published this considering it's a Crosby image that's nowhere near a urinal.

In all of its blurry glory comes this Ottawa Senators Daniel Alfredsson(notes) Foul. It's pretty blatant and though undeniably thrifty based on a cost-per-letter basis. Puck Buddy Brad T. offers some more context:

Check out the rbk logo on the Alfie jersey, It's painted on over the ccm logo.

Hard to tell, but it would appear that Reebok logo is a tad large.

Finally ...

We need a ruling here.

Puck Buddy Jason K. explains:

OK, this isn't technically a Jersey Foul, but I figured this was the best place to get an official judgement.  I was at the Devils vs. Ducks game Nov. 11th and I snapped this pic (sorry for the bad quality, it was my cell phone).  It's a 2001 Devils Stanley Cup Champs hat.  At the time I didn't know if it was a rip-off or what would have been the official locker room hat if the Devils won Game 7 that year. When I got home I compared it to the Avs one, and it was the same thing, different logo.  Two questions. Where did he get that hat? And Foul or not?

This is completely nutty. Either he doctored a Colorado hat or he found a 2001 Devils Cup hat on some impoverished kid in Tanzania and swiped it.

We almost want to give this a pass for the sheer novelty of it. But having seen that New Jersey Devils series against the Colorado Avalanche ... this hat has no right to exist. At all. 

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