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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installments.

As mind-numbing as the majority of them are, some Jersey Fouls make you use the old noodle to figure out what's going on. Especially if, like us, you cheated your buttocks off in high school Algebra.

So what's all this about? Eric Roitman from 5-Hole.com explains:

The girl's jersey has the name "QT" and the number "Pi". Get it?  She said she's a math teacher and she was in fact cute so maybe we can give her a pass.

The reaction from the gentleman passing in front of her would seem to validate Eric's assessment of her aesthetics. As for the jersey ... well, points for innovation. This would have made for a great personalized license plate. Except it's a New York Rangers jersey.

Speaking of ingenuity, here's a Phil Kessel(notes) Protest Jersey from a Boston Bruins fans that's an instant Pass -- especially when one considers the increasing lottery chances for Brian Burke's Toronto Maple Leafs.

From Puck Buddy David T.:

Here's a great jersey I spotted outside the TD Garden before last Thursday's game. I have to admit that I quite liked it and I think the guy deserves an 'A' for creativity.

It does bring up an interesting jersey foul question - what to do with a player jersey once he is no longer on the team.

Great question, and the possibilities are endless. Thoughts?

(Coming Up: A Manhattan-sized helping of Rangers Fouls; the Toews-Sakic debate; a Stanley Cup Fail in the Garden State; 100 percent of awfulness; the newest Sutter brother; and the Alexander Ovechkin Russian conundrum.)

And here ... we ... go.

Back to MSG for a moment for these Fouls, from Puck Buddy Michael Gross:

One is a Frankenjersey foul. The left shoulder had 17 and the right had 18. You get the point with the Dubi-Staal back. What a waste.

The other one is just for you!

Booooo! Let's touch on the Devils Suck sweater for a moment. The number is 94, as in 1994, as in the year the Rangers beat the Devils in the conference finals on the Matteau Matteau Matteau goal. This would certainly be a scathing indictment of the Devils ... were it not for the fact that Jersey won three Stanley Cups and made the playoffs in all but one season since '94, of course.

As for the Frankenjersey ... you know, had this been Staal-Whoever-His-Defensive-Partner-Is sweater, maybe it gets a pass. But this combination, while sequentially appropriate, is stupid.

We're equal opportunity offenders here at Puck Daddy, which means it's time the NJD takes its hit. Here's Puck Buddy David C.:

Not the best picture quality as the subject was moving, but check out this jersey from a Rangers-Devils game. It's a Devils' jersey with the number "06" and the name "Stanley Cup?" (Yes, with question mark).  As you know, the Devils did not win the Cup that year.  Also, if they had won it, who the heck would want that question mark on there!  FOUL!

Everything you said here is true, good sir. The question mark was lost on us the first time we saw this image, but there it is. In any event, the Carolina Hurricanes formally request this jersey be burned in a tailgate BBQ pit.

Uh, yeah.

Honestly, we're as sorry for the jersey as we are about the fact that this photograph makes it appear Xmas Turkey is about to hold his buddy's hand and skip down the street.

Thanks to Frank Wisniewski for the image.

Puck Buddy Ben L. sent over this Jonathan Toews(notes) sweater, and at first glance it would appear to be a perfectly normal Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic jersey -- and it is. The devil is in the details, as Ben explains:

I caught this offending sight last night at the Pepsi Center during the great retirement ceremony for Sakic. I feel the guy thought it was OK because he was wearing #19, but a Toews Blackhawk jersey at this particular game/night?!? I don't know if this truly is a jersey foul, but I certainly felt it was and wanted to pass it along to you.

We're going to give this on a Pass, and here's why: Toews is on the record as saying he wears No. 19 in honor of Joe Sakic(notes). So although it's a Hawks jersey at a very significant Colorado Avalanche game, it at least has some relevance.

Back to the Nashville Predators, as the great Paul Nicholson sends over this Ryan Suter(notes) Foul:

Caught this tonight at the Predators "meet the team party". Apparently the Suter's don't have enough family history in hockey so she thought she'd improve on Ryan's heritage and make him part of the Sutter family.

Reportedly this is the same lady that embarrassed herself at the team lunch last week by bragging that the Preds aren't like the Titans and don't get DUIs. Uh... yeah...needless to say, that went over well with the crowd.

Sounds like Booster Club President material right there.

We know something that doesn't rule 100% ...

From Puck Buddy DeMotte C.:

So we're at our big-time NHL exhibition game, watching the world class match-up of the Hamilton Jets... er, Phoenix Coyotes versus Tampa Bay, and I see this.

I'm thinking that even in the Major Junior city of Everett, home of the WHL's Silvertips, this is a jersey foul.

Yes, indeed it is. But shouldn't we also blame the jersey makers for making percent symbols? Aren't they just enabling this behavior?

And finally ...

Matt, a.k.a. Wittcap79, would like a verdict on this Ovechkin Washington Capitals sweater:

Is this the new Caps fad? I saw not one, but two of these abominations at the pre-season game on Sunday. If you wanna buy a jersey t-shirt with the Cyrillic name on it fine. But to put it on a jersey, an NHL jersey at that, is just wrong. I've got a Russian Olympic Ovie at home and even it is written in English. You want Ovechkin written in Russian? Buy the T-shirt, or pick up a good old fashioned #32 Dynamo jersey. Please leave your half-ass, fake Ovie jersey at home.

Strong words, sir. But we're actually inclined to give this one a Pass. It's a proper jersey and it's an actual player's name on the back, even if it's in another language.

So bring on the Korean Richard Park(notes) jerseys, the Inuit Jordin Tootoo(notes) sweater and, most of all, the Lilliputian Canadiens gear.

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