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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for inclusion in future installment.

These Tampa Bay Lightning/Montreal Canadiens FrankenJerseys were sent in by David Di Biasio after the teams' recent clash at Bell Centre. Hopefully this is symptomatic of Habs fans finally acknowledging Vincent Lecavalier(notes) is never getting traded to Montreal, and thus deciding they will "share" him with the Bolts.

They're also absolutely atrocious. The numbers don't work on the Habs sweater. And since when is St. Louis hyphenated?

Wish we could have seen the logo(s) on the front of the Vinny sweater, which probably look like Pac-Man eating Raiden from Mortal Kombat. 

While there's some virtue to having the Canadiens home and Bolts road jerseys in this mash-up, for accuracy's sake, the only chance this FrankenJersey had was if it featured the Bolts home sweater (or third jersey) with the Habs' whites. Otherwise ... what's French for Epic Fail?

(Coming Up: San Jose, the West Coast epicenter for Jersey Fouls, produces more classics; a New York Rangers' tasty backside; Panthers fan is Kidd-ing; Patrick Kane(notes) Foul and other Blackhawks weirdness; NHL Premiere Games Fouls; and a rather creative message from a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.)

And here ... we ... go.

Even if he's played exactly once in a San Jose Sharks jersey, this Antti Niemi(notes) sweater dis of the Chicago Blackhawks might actually earn a PASS for its cleverness ... and for the audacity of tempting the Hockey Gods with a swift smiting of Sharks goaltending for the jersey's hubris. Thanks to Puck Buddy Robert Toland.

This one requires a little setup, so we hand the mic over to Josh:

So I am walking to Friday night's preseason content, and I see this jersey defamation in front of me:

The Sharks have a regular season promotion where if the Sharks score 4 or more goals, everyone can redeem the ticket stub for Round Table pizza.  This jersey is a play on that... a downright horrible one.  So I snap a picture and make a mental note to email it into jersey fouls.  Before I get to that, I attend the second preseason game on Saturday night.  After the game, I get this deja-vu feeling walking down Santa Clara street:

It's dark and he's moving, so my camera phone had trouble coping, but my gawd, a second one in two nights (and if you look careful, you can tell that these are two DIFFERENT fouls of the same type)...  GAH!

This has to be some kind of team promotional handout right? Otherwise ... well, no wonder Rob Blake(notes) retired if this is how his number was being misappropriated.

Puck Buddy Darren S. of Running With The Devils presents this little ditty. Is this because Dan Girardi(notes) didn't step in to save Marian Gaborik(notes) when Dan Carcillo(notes) went after him?

Puck Buddy Chris explains:

This was back in February at a Panthers Canucks game.

Don't get me wrong, I was a big Kidd fan when he was around.

All three years.

Where he amazed the crowd with his 28-50-13 record and .899/3.09

Which ended EIGHT years ago.

Which is also the year (canadian) pop punk band, Simple Plan, released their single -- you guessed it --"Just a Kid" ... aaaand :(

He looked to have eclipsed 37 by now, but it's doubtful he did in '02. I feel his most likely intent was to show off the tenure of his fanship, which is respectable for our sparse fan base, but come on, this guys gotta be kiddin'.  


Vanessa was at the Maple Leafs Rookie Tournament and was left unimpressed by this Patrick Kane Jersey Foul:

Had my camera out to get a picture of the Kane jersey with the alternate captain A on it.  Not to impugn Pat Kane's leadership/"leadership" or anything, but... seriously?

Maybe the 'A' stands for something else. Any guesses?

Someone is rather broken up about Dan Carcillo no longer being a member of the Phoenix Coyotes. Via Puck Buddy Lou. 

Jersey Fouls goes international! Here are a couple of Fouls from the NHL Premiere games that kicked off the regular season. First up is 'ddawwidd':

Spotted this beauty before the 1st game of NHL Premiere in Prague. I find it kinda funny - it may not shock me, but I think it's a foul nonetheless. It's definitely worse than wearing a Bobby Orr Winter Classic jersey. Enjoy and keep up with the good work!

And here's a Swiss reader named Zumberli with a Tribute Jersey Foul:

I send you a Jersey Foul I spotted outside of the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki on the occasion of the NHL Premiere game, October 7th. This was my first NHL game I've attended so I guess this makes for a pretty good effect. Especially when I think about all the fouls I missed to photograph at the arena.

First NHL game, and thought to send us a J-Foul. That's a Hallmark moment.

This Foul from "reakytahdf" has been on the camera since the Winter Classic at Wrigley (!) but finally reaches our pages here.

I know it's old, but I thought I lost it. It was on my brother in laws facebook and was removed by him.  I saved it but didn't find it until today! Anyways, here you go.

We're sure you brother-in-law is thankful the world can witness this magic-marker-and-tape fest that appears to either be some sort of hazing ritual or the first lap of the James Wisniewski(notes) 500.

From Puck Buddy Natalie Z, and color us baffled by this "Grosby" jersey. Any guesses?

And finally, also from the Pittsburgh Penguins:

Puck Buddy Mark H. spins this tale:

I was at the season ticket holder open house at the new Consol Energy Center a while back, and I spotted this guy wandering around the gift shop. At first, I had no idea what his motivation was for wearing a tongue-twister like that, but needless to say I snapped a picture as soon as I could. After a quick google search, apparently IITYWYBMAB stands for "If I Tell You, Will You Buy Me A Beer?"

So, this went from a head scratcher to a hilarious jersey. What do you think, Jersey Foul or not?

We've already triggered the Creativity Clause once on the Niemi jersey. This isn't hockey related, so we're apt not to trigger it again. But what say you: Pass or Fail?

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