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NHL.com had a cool feature from the Vancouver Canucks' Game 2 win over the Boston Bruins: Net-Cam footage of key plays in the game, even if some of them happened down the other end of the rink. The oddest clip was this one, right after Alex Burrows scored 11 seconds into OT for the 3-2 victory:

The NHL told us this is footage of Fin, the Canucks mascot, walking over and grabbing the puck out of the goal.

Now, we had our doubts about this, but if you look back at the Burrows' goal you can see that's where the puck ends up in the net, and it doesn't appear any Canucks players or the officials skate over to snag it.

Plus, Chris Pronger(notes) and that linesman who claims he didn't take the Blackhawks' Cup puck were nowhere to be found …

Also cool from Net-Cam was this glimpse at how Tim Thomas(notes) operates between the pipes.

Both of these clips, and the others found here, are arguments for having a raw audio channel for NHL broadcasts (uncensored, of course). Also an argument: Anyone with a microphone who stands between the benches.

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