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A quick economics lesson about Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Final tickets, courtesy of Joellen Ferrer of StubHub.com:

"The demand well surpasses supply. You have a lot of these fans who aren't going to give up their tickets. You have starving fans that have been waiting for years and years," she said.

"But on the other side, it's a seller's market."

That it is. We spoke with Ferrer on Friday afternoon before the Boston Bruins' Game 7 victory that set the matchup for the Cup Final with Vancouver. On the resale ticket market, the average price for a Game 1 ticket was $817 on Friday; by Sunday, it increased to $842. The average price for Game 2 in Vancouver was $832 on Friday and $890 on Sunday.

For a Game 5 in Vancouver, it was $1,001 on Friday and an average of $1,209 on Sunday — higher than the average price for Game 7, actually ($1,197 as of Sunday). Maybe some fans are thinking this series is a quickie?

The average ticket price for the four games in Vancouver was $924 on Friday; it's up to $966 as of Sunday. "The listing prices often differ from the prices fans are actually willing to pay," said Ferrar.

According to StubHub, the most expensive ticket purchased on its site for any of the Canucks' home games thus far has been a $4,500 ticket to sit in Club 105 for a potential Game 5. The purchaser snagged two at that price … almost a week before Game 1 was scheduled to be played. (The most expensive ticket purchased for Game 2 was $2,500 in Club 107.)

But Boston has already trumped that. According to StubHub, someone purchased two "Loge Glass 11" tickets for $5,999 each for a potential Game 6.

Fans are paying an average of $686 for the potential three Boston home games, breaking down as $659 for Game 3, $649 for Game 4 and $871 for Game 6.

So the tickets in Boston are a shade more affordable (and one assumes attainable) than they are in Vancouver, at least through Sunday. Which may be one reason why Ferrer believes there will be plenty of Canucks fans hitting the road for Beantown, as they did for the San Jose Sharks' home game in the conference finals — 20 percent of the buyers of Sharks home-game tickets on StubHub were from British Columbia, in fact.

Ferrer said that, as of Sunday, 20 percent of the StubHub buyers for the Stanley Cup Final games in Boston are from Canada.

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