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From the Dept. of Self-Congratulatory Nonsense: In his latest hockey column, the venerable hockey analyst and author Stan Fischler touches on the infamous dust-up between Yahoo! Sports' own Ross McKeon and Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, in which we discovered the Mr. Leonsis is not fond of having his franchise contracted. Fischler's words, our emphasis:

Ted Leonsis had every reason to be upset by Yahoo! NHL writer Ross McKeon's "Five Ways I'd Change the NHL" piece that recently ran in the uproarious Puck Daddy blog. One of his improvements involved dumping six teams - Washington, Florida, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Carolina and Nashville - from the NHL landscape. Following Leonsis' rebuke on his own blog, Ted's Take, in which the Caps owner tore apart the suggestion point by carefully crafted point, McKeon retaliated with a somewhat lame assertion that his article was written tongue in cheek. We don't buy it. If you're going to write something, stand behind it! Good for Ted for firing back!

OK, so Ross took another one on the chin for his "5 ways I'd change the NHL." But did you hear that world? "Uproarious!" That's, like, 10 times better than "obstreperous." Although we'll concede it's no "raucous." We're always striving for raucous.

A big thanks to Mr. Fischler, who graced my basement television on many a hockey night during my formative years in New Jersey. And an even bigger thanks to the Internet, which somehow didn't return this before Stan did a search of "Puck Daddy" and "Fischler." (Wipes brow.)

One more piece of self-congratulatory nonsense: The boys from the LCS Hockey Radio Show had me on for an hour last night, and it was killer. The conversation ranged from the origins of Puck Daddy to Superman movies to G.I. Joe comics to LCS Hockey's 11-or-so ways they'd change the NHL. I'm still rather enamored with the idea of playing two goalies at the same time, rules be damned. Listen to it through the this handy embed below.

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