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Back in 2005, Upper Deck made big news by inking Sidney Crosby(notes) exclusively to his first NHL hockey card deal after he was drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Exclusivity, however, had its downside for Sid: Like having to model for a reindeer parody sweater of the Penguins' jersey, with little snowflakes on his gloves, for an Upper Deck holiday card.

Then again, this would have made a bitchin' 2011 Winter Classic sweater ...

Puck Buddy Theresa O. found this classic at her office and passed it along. (It's also on the Italian eBay, by the way). We're not sure if Sid is an official member of the creepy North Pole League champion "Dashers"; we are sure that we've finally found a team on which Brian Gionta(notes) could be Zdeno Chara(notes).

Here's the back of the card (click here for larger version):

Top ShElves. Oy vey.

Thank goodness Sid's now the best player in the world and no longer has to appear in embarrassing promotional spots around the holidays. Well, save for this one.

This holiday card reminds us ... new Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest announcement on Tuesday! (Hint hint.) Thanks again to Theresa for the find. 

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