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(UPDATE: Helene Elliott of the LA Times tweets that the Kings/Kovalchuk talks could be dead "for good." And it was all about the Benjamins.) 

Timing is everything when it comes to making your media moment count.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game — you know, the exhibition contest that determines homefield advantage in the most critical series of the season — is scheduled for Tuesday night in Anaheim. It's an event that should monopolize the sports news cycle locally, and could alter the schedules for teams looking to make their own news.

Like if, say, the professional hockey team in Los Angeles brought in the prized free agent on the market for an NCAA-style recruiting visit and wanted to announce it had finally come to terms with him on a blockbuster contract; but had to wait an extra day, praying there are no leaks, until the sports coast was clear. 

You know: In theory ...

Day 13 of the Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) Fan Hostage Crisis was a quiet one, but Rich Hammond of Inside The Kings cryptically indicates the volume will increase:

Kings officials are maintaining their public silence this morning/early afternoon, although I suspect that either way, this Ilya Kovalchuk saga is unlikely to go to a 14th day.

So there you go. Again, nothing from the Kings on Tuesday, nothing from Kamp Kovalchuk and nothing but frustrating "no comments" from Lou Lamoriello on Monday. Some Kovalchuk reading as you continue to hit the "F5" button:

• One New Jersey Devils fan wouldn't mind missing out on Kovalchuk if it meant keeping Zach Parise(notes) and trading for Simon Gagne(notes). [NJ.com]

• Another great take on Kovy via Los Angeles Kings blog Jewels From The Crown: "I wonder to what degree it would be worth it to consider spending an extra one million dollars per year as compensation to your fans for the singular (in fact, historic) magnitude of this never-ending torture, now amplified by the cross-country visits and the approving quotes from Kings players, all of which appear to be designed to lure back into the fold all of the exhausted saps who have taken public vows of abstinence from the whole topic of Kovalchuk." [JFTC]

• Finally, because we all can use it, Down Goes Brown presents differences between NHL and NBA free agency, including:

NBA free agency: "The July Moratorium" is the first week of July each year, during which teams may not sign free agents or make trades.

NHL free agency: "The July Moratorium" is Ilya Kovalchuk's new nickname.

The vibe we get is that this ends soon, but we've had that vibe before. The Kings make too much sense ... but wouldn't the finale of this drama be grand if Kovalchuk ended up somewhere off the radar?

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