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The Ottawa 67s are a major junior team in (you guessed it) Ottawa, and their owner Jeff Hunt has just reinvented the wheel for corporate naming rights on an arena. (Well, "reinvented" for hockey; Leahy points out that a minor league soccer team did something just like it this year.)

The 67s are allowing business to pay $1,000 to enter a drawing, with the winner getting its name on the Civic Centre at Lansdowne Park for the next year.

The team pays for all the signage changes in and around the arena. For the $1,000 "ante," every entrant in the contest receives a pair of season tickets, a suite for one home game and a shot at the naming rights in a Sept. 25 drawing, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

The goal is to help fill the estimated 1,800 empty seats at games in the arena, and to potentially find a permanent rights holder for the arena name.

Hunt told the Ottawa Sun that he already received a query about naming the arena the "Support Our Troops Centre" if one contestant wins the drawing. Which brings us to the killjoy stuff, from the team's rules and regulations for the drawing (.pdf):

No pornographers or gambling sites or booze peddlers. No rental car businesses. No businesses whose "reputation or name could prove detrimental" to the city or the team, or whose name is deemed to be "obscene." Oh, and worst of all: No media businesses. Does that mean our dream for renaming the Civic Centre as the "Puck Daddy Land of Awesome" has come to a sudden, soul-crushing end?

If you found $1,000 in between the stale honey roasted peanuts and non-functioning remote controls in your couch cushions, and then entered this contest and won, what would be your new name for the Ottawa 67s arena?

Or, in a related question: Which sponsor would you love to see with its name on a hockey arena one day?

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