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In seeing Anaheim Ducks goalie prospect Timo Pielmeier's(notes) new mask for the first time, our thoughts went immediately to Elmer Fudd.

Goalie mask turns Mighty Ducks into gun-crazy angry birds

What if "duck season" turned out to be the time when the ducks loaded up on heavy weaponry like a "T2" Linda Hamilton and blasted the ever-loving [expletive] out of hunters? (And what, then, would it mean for "wabbit season"?)

Via InGoal Magazine comes this new mask courtesy of David Leroux of Diel Airbrush in Montreal, who told the magazine:

"Timo always ask for the stop sign on the chin and then he lets me run with it," Leroux wrote InGoal in an email Tuesday morning. "So for this year, I came up with a title to help me with the design: THE DUCKS REVENGE. I wanted to switch the situation, make the duck hunt the opponent or the hunter, so that the ducks become the hunter."

(Come to think of it: Why didn't Nintendo offer that as a game-play option for "Duck Hunt" on the NES? Allow the user to play as a well-armed duck, blasting away at giggling dogs through the thicket. It would have been worth trying to use that terrible laser gun on your standard-def TV.)

But what really makes this mask into a near-classic is the back of it:

Goalie mask turns Mighty Ducks into gun-crazy angry birds

It's a Mighty Ducks of Anaheim logo — which, incidentally, should have been the logo on their third jersey instead of that webbed-D — and the mantra from the Emilio Estevez Disney film series: "Ducks Fly Together." Because when the wind blows hard and the sky is black … well, just read the back of the mask. Quack.

Read the full story at InGoal.

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