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K.M. Stiles of Purple Crushed Velvet discovered that Shop NHL is offering bling'd out women's purses for the Los Angeles Kings and other teams for $324.99 a pop. Hey, if you want something made from two recycled aluminum license plates with tear-shaped, nickel-plated steel end caps and hundreds of Swarovski crystals, you're going to pay for it. Stiles doesn't appear eager to add this handbag to the rotation, however: "Who in the world designed that piece of crap? Who did the designer have in mind when that purse was created? I don't even know what part of the purse is the worst."

Our question: Will UFA Ladislav Nagy take his Kings purse with him, or will his new team provide him with one in order for him to continue to play his style of defense?

Naturally, we're a bit more enamored with the Montreal Canadiens version of the "Little Earth Fender Flair" purse; if only to see Ryan O'Byrne and Tom Kostopoulos start nervously twitching if they spy one in the front row at a home game.

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