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Jon Mirasty(notes) of Kontinental Hockey League's goon-tastic Vityaz Chekhov (translation: "shoes of the clown") has been in a lot of fights. He gets punched in the face as often as some of us use dental floss. (And seriously, people, your gums will thank you.)

But as this brief fight with Maxim Yeprev of Metallurg shows, he still has a sense of humor about it:

Mirasty takes a few shots to the head and jaw, turns and thumps his foe, grinning all the way. (Hey, it's great to get paid to do what you love.) That was like watching a child take a couple of whacks at a piñata before some guy breaks it open with a bazooka.

We don't want to say this is an indictment of Maxim Yeprev's fighting prowess, but here's an image of him in a previous bout against Little Mac.

Despite his reputation, Mirasty only has 10 penalty minutes on the KHL season in nine games. He's got some catching up to do with Kip Brennan(notes) (76), Jeremy Yablonski (52) and Nick Tarnasky(notes) (33) all piling up the PIMs for Vityaz Chekhov. Ah, Canadian goons — our greatest export to Russia.

s/t @SvyatSvyat.

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