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On Wednesday, we presented our final Top 10 NHL Movemeber 2011 Mustaches, with Claude Giroux(notes) of the Philadelphia Flyers finishing first overall for, in the words of reader Scott, "going from pretty boy to guy with windowless van in 30 days."

But in the interest of equal time, we're always open to alternative takes. Puck Daddy infographic ace Dan Gustafson of SixteenWins.com offers his: The 2011 Ron Swanson NHL All-Star Team.

Farewell, Movember: The 2011 Ron Swanson NHL All-Star Team

For the uninitiated, Ron Swanson is the parks department director in Pawnee, Indiana on NBC's "Parks and Recreation." His mustache has become so iconic that it has its own page on the show's official website.

From Dan Gustafson:

Presenting the 2011 Ron Swanson Movember All-Stars. The rules, 1 player per position and no funny businesses on the mustache.

As the "Swanson Pyramid of Greatness" states, "Facial Hair: Full thick and square. Nothing sculpted. If you have to sculpt it that probably means you can't grow it."

We congratulate Erik Cole(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens; Sidney Crosby(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins; Jarome Iginla(notes) of the Calgary Flames; Brett Clark(notes) of the Tampa Bay Lightning; Sean O'Donnell(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks; and Tim Thomas(notes) of the Boston Bruins for their Movemeber masterpieces in the Ron Swanson tradition.

And with that, we're off for our mid-morning pre-lunch with a lady friend, but we'll be back in time for lunch …

(Dan will be working with Puck Daddy on creating some whimsical and informative NHL graphics throughout the season. If you have any requests, email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Visit Dan at Sixteen Wins and follow him on Twitter here.)

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