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We've all either seen or been in attendance when a team wins a championship on the road and they're met upon returning home at the airport by a large contingent of fans. It's a great way to begin the championship celebrations that will continue for the next few days.

A recent trend has seen fans seeing off and welcoming home teams from playoff road trips, not just when they win a championship. During the first two rounds, Nashville Predators fans greeted and sent off the team at Nashville International Airport.

Sunday morning, as the Tampa Bay Lightning prepared to travel up to Boston for Game 5 against the Bruins on Monday night, the team organized an interesting way for fans to wish the players good luck and send them up north.

Fans gathered in one of the parking lots at the Tampa airport and formed a human lightning bolt, visible to the players when they took off.

Your move Bruins fans. We fully expect a human spoked B in a parking lot at Logan Airport on Tuesday morning when Boston flies back to Tampa for Game 6.

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