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TORONTO -- NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed there was a meeting between the NHL, representatives of the New Jersey Devils and free-agent left winger Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) on Monday. He said "there was no new contract submitted," but that the sides "talked conceptually."

It was previously reported that the Devils submitted a contract for Kovalchuk on Monday, with a decision on the contract potentially arriving on Tuesday.

Y! Sports NHL writer Nicholas Cotsonika asked Daly if a new contract is submitted and approved, if that contract would then be the new "bar" set for other contracts.

"I think the guideposts are already out there. I think the clubs and the players and the agents all understand what our response has been to certain types of contracts is. And I think every contract is different," said Daly, who added that investigations into other NHL contracts that may violate the CBA are ongoing. 

"I think the arbitrator's decision certainly authorizes the League to take a hard look at these contracts and to make sure they're compliant with the CBA."

Daly said there was never formal investigation into the contracts for Detroit Red Wings players with long-term contracts that may have circumvented the salary cap.

Daly also said the absence of a systems arbitrator, and the lack of any timetable constraints in the CBA, has led to investigations into four other contracts being open-ended.

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