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There are many reasons why the Puck Daddy reader art contests are so amusing. But beyond the humor, the creativity and the stretching of Microsoft Paint's technologies to their limits, there's a level of puckhead smarts that's really quite stunning sometimes.

Example: In our new Winter Classic Create-a-Parade Float contest, Ivan M. sends in the image above titled "Joe Thornton's Dreams" and baffles us. But he includes a link to this Working The Corners blog about the San Jose Sharks' visit to the Smithsonian in D.C. in which Thornton admits to being a "a wooly mammoth guy."

How that translates into Patrick Marleau(notes) becoming a tattooed Snuffleupagus wrangler is anyone's guess ...

Thanks to all the Puck Buddies who have submitted entries so far, as they're ranged from Patrick Kane(notes) to Brendan Witt(notes) to the Philadelphia Flyers to a Rick DiPietro(notes) one that's pretty remarkable. We'll have our first Contest Gallery up next week.

Meanwhile: Hey, it's almost the weekend. What a perfect time for deep thoughts about hockey floats in preparation for Monday's "wasting time instead of working" Photoshop artistry?

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Dec. 23 at noon EDT. E-mail contest entries (.jpgs preferred) to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Judges are myself, Leahy and a 12-pack of Smithwick's.

The Yahoo! Sports rules of profanity and PG-13 content apply. We're looking for originality, creativity, wit; but please, at least attempt to make these appear to be actual things (floats, balloons, marchers) you'd see in a parade. (And we really, really want more balloons.)

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