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And so it is written that Gloating Bruins Fan, the tongue and towel waving Bostonian puckhead who whose demonic visage was burned into our memories, has lasted longer in the 2009 postseason than the Bruins did.

The latest Puck Daddy reader art contest closed last Friday; you can see all 245 entries that made the cut for technical proficiency and good taste on Flickr.

That we had more submissions for this contest than for our epic "Gary Bettman: Portraits in Heroism" gallery is either a tribute to GBF's undeniable appeal or the abject laziness inherent in giving a classic photo the "Forest Gump/Where's Waldo" Treatment.

Coming up, the last batch of outstanding submissions we'd like to feature (including this remarkable effort from Peter S.), and the identity of the contest winner -- selected by, of all people, Gloating Bruins Fan's mom.

And here ... we ... go.

Honestly, if you're going to choose a hockey moment during which to Gloat, beating the Russians and winning gold at Lake Placid in 1980 is as good as any. Even if it probably meant a full day of suicide sprints from Herb Brooks as a lesson in humility. (Tony V. with the image)

From the Boston Bruins commercials that remain the best of the season, we see GBF being chased out of the arena by the B's mascot. In the original ad, we know that the bear is upset with someone chatting on his cell phone. We know GBF would never do this during the game, so we can only assume his has a Bit-O-Honey bar in his pocket or some such.

Puck Buddy Matt L. captured this image at a recent Blue Man Group show, during the performance artists' short-lived new concept "Blue Man and Dude With Yellow Towel Group."

Looking as his tongue, we can only assume that GBF had just consumed a raspberry ICEE from K-Mart.

Look, there are good entries and there are bad entries. And then there are ones like Richie Daggers Crime's ode to Vince and the Shamwow that basically reset the bar for ingenuity. GBF was made in Germany, so you know he's gotta be good ...

Crank up "Thus Spake Zarathustra," consume your hallucinogen of choice and revel in the timeless, primal behavior of waving around a rally rag and/or bone.

Hopefully the Bruins' 2010 isn't as soul-crushingly disappointing as "2010."

(Kudos to Brandon S.)

Look, sometimes these entries speak to us in a very personal way. Which is another way of saying that the first guy who inserts GBF into "Solarbabies" is getting it published here. Lukas Haas, FTW; now where's the "Ice Pirates" entry? (Well done, Jonathan R.)

An actual screen grab of Gloating Bruins Fan after Scott Walker(notes) scored the OT-winner in Game 7. (Edvard Munch, by way of Puck Buddy Travis P.)

And finally, the moment at least a half dozen of you have been waiting for ...

Your winner.

Ken from Islanders Outsider had one of the first and undoubtedly the best Gloating Bruins Fan as Bobby Orr images, taking the image on his T-shirt as inspiration for an instant classic.

Don't take it from us; Tracey, the mother of GBF (know to the outside world as Ryan from Weymouth, MA) was quite taken with this image. And if she digs it, it's the winner. From Tracey, via email:

Ryan (and the entire town, actually) had quite a blast with the whole GBF thing! When it first appeared on the site, even the teachers at the high school were showing it in class.

And the degradation of our public education system continues ...

Ken will receive a Cam Neely tribute "Sea Bass" T-shirt from our friends at Orland Kurtenblog and the Kurtentees Store.

Again, check out the full Gloating Bruins Fan gallery on Flickr, and prepare to kiss an hour of productivity goodbye. A huge, humbling thanks to everyone who participated. Keep an eye out for our next contest in the next few days ... if you think your creative minds have been challenged before, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

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