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On Saturday night, Slovenian Hockey League team Acroni Jesenice scored a victory over rival Olimpija Ljubljana for their third straight championship.

Like any memorable celebration, the night ended with their coach claiming he was beaten by wooden road signs and with six players later being released by their team for that alleged assault. Good times.

The coach is Mike Posma, 42 (right), a former Western Michigan player who competed for one season with the Utica Devils of the AHL (1990-91). From the AP, which reported that Posma was "cut and bruised but not seriously injured":

Slovenian media say that both the six players and Posma were drunk while celebrating the team's third consecutive national league title.

The six players were reportedly angry at Posma because he allegedly told a 19-year-old backup goaltender to drive a car - even though he knew the man was drunk. The goaltender subsequently crashed the car. The six then turned on the coach, reportedly beating him with wooden traffic signs that they found by the side of the road.

According to STA news service (sub. required), goalie Aleksander Petrov reportedly crashed his car after dropping off Posma, and was found by police "to have been driving under the influence." (Thanks to Quick Facts for the STA news.)

STA also passed along a statement released by five of the six players -- Miha Rebolj, Gaber Glavic, Ales Remar, David Slivnik and Anze Terlikar -- released by Jesenice:

"None of us had any ill intentions and none of us wanted to attack Mr Posma," the statement issued by the players says. They say that Posma was visibly drunk and in no shape to speak to normally, which is why they "decided to go home". "There was no incident and no attack on anybody."

The five players said in today's statement that their intent was to convince "Mr Posma to freely head to the police station and explain what had happened with Petrov and who was really to blame for the accident."

Jesenice team officials weighed both sides, and apparently decided on a scorched-earth response: Releasing the six players and suspending "further contract talks with Posma," who the AP reports is back in the U.S.

Bottom line: It's going to be very hard to come up with a more memorable celebration if they four-peat.

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