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Our greatest hope for Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger(notes) on Sunday, as he returned to Chicago for the first time since the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals and helped his team to a 4-1 win, was that one of the local papers would publish another Pronger-in-a-dress Photoshop to scar our minds.

Alas, it appears the Bears game sapped their creative juices and cover space. Short of that, the return of PuckGate sufficed.

Please recall the nefarious scheme by Pronger in the finals, in which he snagged the game puck after the Chicago Blackhawks' Game 1 and Game 2 victories. Some felt it was unsportsmanlike conduct; more felt it was a moment of perverse leadership that took the heat off of his team during its early series struggles.

Upon his return to Chicago, the subject of the Stanley Cup Finals-winning puck that came off the stick of Patrick Kane(notes) was broached with Pronger. As in: Did he steal that, too?

From Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Blackhawks fans immediately pointed the finger at Pronger, even though he wasn't even on the ice when Kane scored.

It took the referees some time to find the puck that sneaked behind Michael Leighton(notes).

"I was on the bench," Pronger said, coming clean. "I was a little disappointed at that point to skate all the way down there and get the puck. That might've been a little much. If I'm on the ice and it's right in front of me, that's a different story. I would think one of them, maybe they would've grabbed it. Somebody should look at the video. There's 18 cameras out there, somebody's got to have it."

The big news out of Pronger's PuckGate remarks: Turns out he still has the Game 2 puck, and said, "It'll wind up on eBay at some point. All proceeds will go to the person that buys its charity."

One point of clarification: Pronger was told that Harry Caray's was offering $50,000 for the puck, prompting him to say, "If they want to give me 50-grand, I'll donate it to charity."

As Blackhawks beat writer Tim Sassone noted, that bounty was for the Game 6 puck and not the Game 2 puck, which has led to some confusion.

So how much money does the fact that the Game 2 puck was stolen by Chris Pronger add to the auction price?

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