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With more and more professional athletes building their own Web sites, we've often wondered how long it would be before some hockey player answers a question like "what were you guessing on that game-winning goal?" with a retort like "read my blog tomorrow morning and find out, Pierre."

Now that Anaheim Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger has a blog on his official site, the scenario above appears inevitable. Only it won't be a post about a power-play tally or a key assist; hopefully, Pronger uses his new editorial space to opine on events that fans really care about ... like using Ryan Kesler as a human skate sharpener, for example.

So far, ChrisPronger.com (where you can purchase an autographed Pronger Edmonton Oilers jersey for $399.00, with proceeds going to charity) features a blog written by Pronger, "guest writers" like hockey reporter Andy Strickland (even Pronger is higher on the likability scale than Strickland's current boss) and Johnny Drama Sean Pronger.

Writing under the name "The Journeyman," Sean Pronger actually provides a rather awesome first post about being a fourth-liner in training camp, while also claiming that his six-year-old is his editor and it's the most he's written since a Summer School essay:

"I will say this....if you can hang around long enough sometimes you can be in the right place at the right time. Ex. I was at Columbus' camp and managed to dodge a few bullets. I think there was only 2 of us left....me and a young draft pick who needed to sign a contract in the next day or he had to go back to junior.  Guess what...he didn't sign....he asked for too much.....went back to junior and yours truly was in the opening night lineup.  An example of how things can go the other way: I was in Pittsburgh and camp was pretty much over and the team was taking shape. It looked as if I had solidified a spot in the lineup.  I walk in one morning to find out we had picked up 2 forwards off of waivers....Houston Aeros here I come!! What can you do!!"

D'oh! More Sean Pronger, please!

As for Chris Pronger's blogs ... well, color us yawn. "Rehydrating is critical to the bodies recovery and making sure there is no drop off from one day to the next." Thanks, trainer at high-school football two-a-days. Now where's the beef?

Luckily, Puck Daddy was able to obtain some older posts from the Chris Pronger blog. The writing isn't as sharp (he was a newbie), but they provide an example of what is hopefully to come on ChrisPronger.com.

From March 16, 2008:

"Dood, the craziest thing just happened. We were playing Van. and this little clown Kesler puts me in the figure four. Like Ric Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOOO! So I'm totally buggin, right, and I take my skate and just stomp on the guy like when I used to find a roach in my condo in St. Louis. And he looks at me and is like "OMG" and I'm like "You just p'wnd son!!!!" and skated away. And here's the best part -- there's like no way any of the cameras caught any of that stuff because it was behind the play. BWAHAHA! I R-U-L-Z. Coach says I need to be more disciplined. My elbows disagree. Did I tell you guyz that I named them Attitude and Adjustment this season???"

From January 16, 2008:

"You ever get so bored that it's like your wife made you watch The Notebook for the 800th time? That's how bored I am right now. It's been at least two weeks since i got my last piece of hate mail from Edmonturd. You know what? i'm going on Jim Rome today. What if i totally make up something about Oil fans taking my kid's crib and burning it in a bonfire! LOL! And Rome will be all like "That's not cool! Clones! Out!" I bet those jerk reporters back in Canada will be totally pissed. God I hate the media in Edmonturd. OK ... everyone but this one person, LOL don't tell Lauren OMG!!!"

June 26, 2008:

"ARRRRRRRRGH!!!! Guess who decided to come back and play for the Dukz? Old man salt and pepper beard. Bye bye captaincy. Bye bye Norris trophy. Hello jerk everyone likes better because he hasn't been suspended like a billion times. And the worst part EV-UH is that Matty Schneider is goners. UGH! Those golf bags don't carry themselves."

OK, so we had some fun with Pronger. Lord knows it's not the first time. But we're in agreement with Earl Sleek over at Battle of California, who discovered Pronger's new blog and was impressed by the quality of the writing and his charitable aim. It's a pretty cool thing to have; as long as things are tightly moderated, as Sleek suggests:

I think we're all impressed at your ability to type coherently, big guy. Good work, but I'll tell you this. You are one hated dude. There's fans of Detroit, Edmonton, San Jose, and Ottawa that are perfectly good typists too. I'd offer you some blogging tips, but unfortunately it's too late for you to use tip #1 (post under a fake name), so good luck, Pronger. And keep kicking ass on the ice.

Yeah, "one hated dude" might not cut it. Pronger basically needs to ban every IP address from Alberta, San Jose, Vancouver, Detroit, Dallas and anyone that's ever been friends with either Dean McAmmond or Pat Peake.

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