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Casey Anthony is on trial in Orlando, having pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee back in 2008. The Clearwater, Fla., jury that's hearing this case knows that a guilty verdict could mean a death sentence.

So this is heavy stuff for the seven women and five men on the jury. Seeking a respite, they made a request on Wednesday to watch Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals between their local Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins on Friday night.

On Day 4 of the trial, the judge offered his verdict, via the Examiner:

The Clearwater, Fla. jury transported to Orlando to hear the Casey Anthony murder trial, learned Thursday they will be allowed to view a recording of the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The jurors asked Judge Belvin Perry if they could watch the event, however, the hockey game is not being aired live in Orlando. Thus, the judge has arranged for the game to be recorded for the 12 jurors and five alternates.

According to TBO.com, Judge Perry told the jurors they will watch the game on a 65-inch screen and ended the session by saying, "Go Lightning." Great, another activist judge …

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