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UPDATE: Michael Russo of the Star Tribune has spoken to the fan involved with Rypien: "He is seeking a lawyer: 'Bottom line, I was assaulted.'"

More fallout from the Rick Rypien(notes) vs. Minnesota Wild fan brouhaha from Xcel Energy Center on Tuesday night. A caller identified as "John" rung up the Paul Allen Show on KFAN 1130 AM in Minneapolis Wednesday morning claiming to be the brother of the fan whom Rypien assaulted.

You can listen to or download the podcast here, as it leads off the "Condensed PA 2 and 3 HR" segment on Oct. 20. It sounds legit, although who knows what the authentication process was for the caller. Proceed with the mandatory caution.

Here's Allen with John talking about Rypien and the fan Allen affectionately termed "The Rube" earlier in the hour:

Q. Were you at the game?

"I was not at the game. I first heard about it this morning when I was awakened by my father-in-law. He called me and said, ‘Your brother was on "SportsCenter" last night.'"

Q. You probably thought he took his shirt off and ran out on the ice.

"Knowing him, that would not be out of the realm of possibilities."

Q. Are you able to say your brother's name, or tell us a little more about him, or is it too tenuous?

"I probably shouldn't say his name at this point, but I do know what he told me. I talked to him this morning. He said as the player ... it was Rypien? Is that the guy's name from Vancouver?"

Q. Yeah.

"As [Rypien] was being ejected, he clapped and said to him ‘Way to be a professional.'"

Q. Way to be a professional, and that's what your brother says he said to Rypien?


Q. And that was it?

"That was it."

Q. Didn't drop any "F-bombs" or question anybody's sexuality? Just "way to be a professional?"

"Way to be a professional and then he said he wasn't ready for the fact he was grabbed and tugged by the player. The other guy next to him in the red jersey is another brother, they're my two younger brothers. He's the guy who helped pushed the player off my brother."

Q. How physical did Rypien get with your brother and not to share company secrets, but do you think there will be any form of legal approach that will be taken by your family?

"I'm not aware of any legal course of action at this point. I haven't even asked [my brother] if he's considering it yet. He said the player grabbed his jersey first and then shoved him after that. That's all he said."

Q. Did your brother pee his pants?

[Laughs] "My brother who was grabbed is actually about 6-5, 220.  ... I thought it could have been something from 'Slap Shot' all over again."

• • •

So there you go. If you haven't heard, Rypien has been suspended "indefinitely" (meaning Wednesday night's game vs. the Chicago Blackhawks) until his hearing on Friday with the NHL.

Huge stick-tap to reader Dan S. for the scoop. 

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